Chicago's Unlucky Journalist

There’s a guy I just met who is having a very hard time breaking in the news business.

He’s in his 20s, loves to write, has a fairly decent imagination, and loves people. The ironic thing is that nobody really likes him. In fact, one of our mutual friends told me that folks talk about him badly behind his back. They say that he’s immature, corny, and arrogant. Wow! (I hope he doesn’t apply for a reporting job.)

I want to say something to him but folks say that he’s real sensitive. They say that he can’t take criticism without going off on people. But I see a completely different person when I interact with him. I think that he’s approachable and very friendly. Maybe folks think he’s sensitive because they are judging the guy. I don’t know.

When I find job opportunities on Craigslist, I always forward them to him. I’m sure that he’d do the same if my shoes were on his feet. But I always think about the warnings I’ve received about this guy. Why should I give him a chance if all of these people say bad things about him? I’ve heard that the news business is full of folks who talk amongst each other about which folks to hire and promote, as well as those to fire and demote. This guy might not be ready for that kind of environment.

But I’m going to take a risk and tell him what folks are saying about him.

The funny thing is…

Every time I call him, I get a busy signal.

I wonder why that keeps happening.

Oh yeah…


I just figured out why…




BECAUSE HE’S ME!!!!!!!!!

I’m learning the hard way that Chicago’s media community is full of cliques. Some cliques are good. I happen to be a part of a select few cliques where the members encourage one another. But you have other groups who care more about themselves than their readers, viewers, and listeners.

Thank God that it’s more lonely at the top than the bottom. So, I must be doing much better than they say. Not only do I write about media, but I help contribute to it with my new YouTube project called 2City News.

I might not need to make that call after all.

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  • I had posted on the "Get Employed" blog that career counselors say "network" is not new, but they haven't explained how it works if one doesn't know somebody who knows somebody who might have a job, unless someone sent you to Pat Quinn.

    My girlfriend at least used to think that networking was with the fellow unemployed.

    As far as jobs on craigslist (at which she also looked), I thought those disappeared with Tom Dart got them to take down the Adult Services classification.

    I'm not in that business, but have a feeling that one has to be in the right spot at the right time, sort of like when Mike North took all his buddies to Webio. Not so good for his buddies, but gave a lot of producers at The Score a chance to get on the air.

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