A Good Loss For Chicago Radio

Lately, Chicago radio has been changing for the worse. Shows are being canceled; Folks are being fired; and it’s hard to find the next Ted Williams at a stoplight. (Just kidding) But there’s a radio host who is losing and winning at the same time. His name is Geoff Pinkus, the host of “Livin’ Large” for 560 AM on Sunday evenings. Lately, he’s been promoting his personal weight loss and I think that’s a great thing.



What’s most interesting about Mr. Pinkus is that he’s concerned about his appearance as much as his personality. Radio folks tend to focus on how good their voice is, given that the public can’t see them. (That is, unless the show is simulcast on TV or UStream). And according to his latest Facebook post, he has lost 69 lbs. He talks more about his strategy to living a better life in the video below.

Another good thing about “The Pinker” encouraging the public to get in shape is that it looks good for our city. Over 20 years later, we still haven’t been able to shake the image of big guys like  George Wendt saying “Da Bears” on Saturday Night Live. The athletes tend to be fit, but the fans don’t. And I think it’s time for a change.

Hopefully, we will have more folks in the Chicago media willing to lose some pounds instead of relying on camera tricks. 🙂

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  • You probably are way too young to remember "Fat" Eddie Schwartz, also at WIND. Ended up in a nursing home and finally dead because of weight related problems.

  • I just turned 27 on Saturday, so yeah...I think I'm a bit young.

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