Lives do not matter in Chicago

Lives do not matter in Chicago

“These murders went out of the comprehension of a civilized city,” the Tribune editorialized. “The butchering of seven men by open daylight raises this question for Chicago: Is it helpless?” (Chicago Tribune)

Chicago Tribune photo.

Chicago Tribune photo.

The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre caused an uproar in Chicago. The stark black and white photos of corpses mutilated by machine gun fire were seen all over the country. Outrage spilled over the editorial pages of newspapers.

The massacre gave Chicago a disgraceful black eye.

Innocent people are being murdered or wounded daily on Chicago’s streets. Children, infants, toddlers, the elderly, and adults. The slaughter goes on unabated.

The more brazen criminals are even using live streaming to show off their handiwork.

Where is the outrage? Where are screaming scathing editorials claiming, “These murders went out of the comprehension of a civilized city?”

Where are citizen committees made up of Chicago’s elite demanding something be done about the bloodshed on Chicago’s streets?

Most  Chicagoans go about their daily lives inured to the daily murder and mayhem. It is blacks killing blacks, why should they care? It is gang or drug related, and nothing can be done. It is not happening in their neighborhoods, and in the few cases when it does, it is written off as an anomaly.

There is a host of other excuses people give for their silence and apathy.

Since the election of Donald Trump, thousands and tens of thousands of people have been protesting this or that on Chicago’s streets. The two largest so far, the Women’s March and March for Science drew forty to fifty thousand people downtown.

People come from all areas of the city and the Chicagoland area. The vast majority are white. Some are elected officials who love to have their pictures taken to demonstrate their solidarity with the cause, whatever the cause is.

When there is a march to stop the violence, anywhere from less than a hundred to a few hundred show up. Most of those people are from the impacted neighborhoods, where the marches are held.

Donald Trump is not killing people on Chicago’s streets. Supposed science deniers are not killing innocent people on Chicago’s streets. Misogynists are not killing children on Chicago’s streets. Immigrants and refugees are not killing infants on Chicago’s streets.

Where are the tens of thousands of Chicagoans protesting the daily murder and mayhem? Why aren’t they shutting down the Loop or Michigan Avenue? Why aren’t they surrounding City Hall shutting it down?

Why aren’t masses of people demanding their elected officials do something?


Where is the same mass outrage over murder and mayhem that people find over their irrelevant fears of losing whatever it is they think will be lost?

Lives do not matter in Chicago. The murder of innocents is giving Chicago another disgraceful black eye. All we hear are crickets.

Poverty is the primary root cause of crime and violence. Mitigating poverty will drastically reduce criminality and the violence it breeds.

Instead of bringing real economic development to impoverished neighborhoods to mitigate poverty, our elected officials keep the welfare state alive and well. One could call it the deep welfare state.

“We know that institutions have broken down. Generations of black families have been shattered by the welfare state.

We’ve created government systems that maintain human beings in poverty and ignorance so that politicians can count on their votes.

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