Death of innocents in Chicago

Another innocent person was shot and killed on Chicago’s streets. This time it happened a block away from Chicago Police Headquarters

According to the Chicago Tribune:

“The shooting happened just before 4 p.m. near a Starbucks at 35th Place and State Street when a gunman opened fire on a man, a documented gang member, who was struck several times, Superintedent Eddie Johnson told reporters at the scene of the shooting.

Yvonne Nelson/Facebook

Yvonne Nelson/Facebook

The victim was Yvonne Nelson, an employee of the city’s 311 Emergency System. She was 49-years-old.

Ms. Nelson joins a growing list of innocent victims murdered by gang violence.

Innocent infants, toddlers, preteens, teenagers, and adults have been murdered by gangs, drug dealers, or youth trying to impress them.

Where is the outrage? There should be anger from one end of this city to another. People should be protesting, hollering, screaming, and demanding action.

Instead, they protest perceived injustices of the criminal justice system.

The Department of Justice is investigating the Chicago Police Department. For the past fifteen years, they have been out to lunch while gang and drug violence grew exponentially.

Who uses what bathroom, “who’s zoomin who”, wedding cakes, flags, refugee rights, and other so-called civil rights issues are front and center for the DOJ.

It is more important to give new names and meanings to convicted felons so they are not offended and their self esteem is not destroyed.

Criminalizing climate change denial is more important than murder.

Innocent people, killed under the aegis of organized criminal enterprises, are in the back of a long line of the Justice Department’s priorities.

Civil rights, climate change, and other political issues are good politics and good optics. Law and order is not. It is bad politics and optics. During this election cycle, not one presidential candidate addressed lawlessness, mayhem, and murder. Not one offered any solutions.

Crime problems to them are disturbed loners who commit mass shootings. They talk about imposing “common sense” gun control. They ignore the daily bloodshed on our streets by people wielding illegal firearms. They do not espouse gang, drug cartel, or any other crime control.

These innocent victims are not nobody’s. They are sons and daughters, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, nephews, nieces, husbands, and wives. They were loved and cherished. Their lives had meaning.

It is past time to hold politicians at every level accountable for the death of innocents in Chicago.

These murders are not just a result of gangs and drugs or the proliferation of illegal guns. They are the result of of a decades long ticking time bomb. The murderous binge in Chicago is directly related to fifty years of bad public policies and social engineering schemes.

The bomb exploded and politicians are running for cover. Poverty is no longer a temporary condition. It is a multi-generational lifestyle caused by the lack of economic development and opportunity.

For fifty years neighborhoods like North Lawndale, Englewood, Austin, Pullman, South Chicago, and others have been economically devastated. So-called social safety nets, a polite euphemism for welfare, is considered economic opportunity.

Crime, especially the illicit drug trade, is the alternative economy in these distressed neighborhoods. The business of crime fuels the violence. The gangs and drug dealers control the neighborhoods and the politics.

Politicians and activists keep referring to gun violence, drug violence, or gang violence. It sounds nice. Blame something or some group and do nothing. Sounding good is more important than doing good.

The violence is the result of failed public and social politics. Political malfeasance and malpractice. So let us call this violence by its proper name. Political violence. Let us put the blame on people we know, politicians, who year after year, decade after decade implement and protect failed policies.

The blame for Chicago’s death of innocents goes from the White House and two houses of Congress, to the State House in Springfield, to the Chicago City Council and Cook County Board of Commissioners.

Unless voters demand action and politicians change their failed course, murder and mayhem will be the new normal. The business of crime will be economic opportunity and development.

The death of innocents in Chicago will go on.

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