Steven Krage's Published Works

Steven Krage's Published Works

All my life I dreamed of writing a book and, in 2013, I was able to achieve my dream. Since then I have written a few books, with several more in varying states of progress.

I'm sharing them here, not to publicize or beg, but just to tell you a bit about each in the hopes that you'll look into them! You can see the overview of my books on Amazon here.



The Mistakes of a Better World: A memoir... of sorts (available as an eBook and Print book) (published in 2013)

The Mistakes of a Better World is my premier collection of essays on pop culture, autobiographical excerpts, and includes my short story, inspired by Stephen King, Silenced.

Excerpts from the Introduction by the Author: 

“It‟s like the prostitute once said: It‟s not the work, it‟s the stares.”
- Elaine Stritch 
"From the first moment I developed my love for writing, I knew I wanted a book to be the end result, so I could obtain and embrace those stares. I always was a sucker for applause.

A printed book, that I was able to hold in my hands, was always the “unattainable dream.” In my short few years on this earth I have tried, mostly in vain, to amass enough of an idea to fill a book. But, as always, life gets in the way and that idea is simply too burdensome to continue with.

Throughout my life, I have lived as a writer who was never afraid to wade through uncharted territory. I have been a blogger, essayist, fictionist, researcher, technical writer, playwright, poet and librettist. Throughout that time, I have been able to write about what I love and people have actually reading what I have written, and enjoyed it, which I find fascinating. As I always say Talent, mostly, is blind.

In my life, I have one gargantuan motto: “Never close your eyes, because inspiration can come from the most unlikely of places.” And boy do these pieces reflect that! Where else will you be able to see a letter to Michele Bachmann (in which the author praises and adulates her) next to a piece stating how the author believes and embraces the idea of Gay Marriage? Where will you be able to find a blog post of Oprah eating 30 pounds of macaroni and cheese next to a very solemn one about 9/11? Where else will you be able to find a humane, psychological portrait of Leatherface from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre?

The title of this volume, The Mistakes of a Better World, was not just a pretty jumble of words that I lumped together because they sounded coherent: they have a meaning. The people and ideas contained in this book, as is true in all mortality, are flawed. We, as a human race, have made some terrible mistakes in the course of our lives. But it is through these mistakes that we have gained our identity. The mistakes we have made have laid a path for the world to learn and grow."


"if only, if only..." The Evolution of Stephen King's Teacher Archetype in Rage and Carrie (published in 2015)

"'if only, if only': The Evolution and Destruction of Stephen King's Teacher Archetype in Rage and Carrie" is an extended essay analysis of Stephen King's use of teachers in his three early works: Rage, Carrie and Brian De Palma's 1976 film version of Carrie. Using examples from the two novels and film, as well as analysis from King scholars, I chart the path of the creation of King's idea of a Teacher Archetype, one that bears great importance on our lives and the lives of the children who these teachers hold in their care.


The Artist's Obligation: an epitaph (published in 2016)

The human mind is capable of many things, but the most startling of these is obsession. Obsession can ruin our lives, destroy our families and leave us destitute and without hope.

Enter Samai Katama, an elderly artist driven to the brink of obsession in her art by her parents, her culture and even her art itself. Throughout The Artist's Obligation we are painted a picture of this woman, her struggle and her ideals. The story builds to a grotesque climax, sealing the fate of one driven by absolute obsession; a fate which is her ultimate Obligation. This is a short story, filled with philosophy, angst, and a decision to change one's life.



A double biography of the first 8 female Disney Villains and the women who portrayed them

An analysis of John Adams' opera The Death of Klinghoffer and the 1985 Hijacking of the Achille Lauro

A pulp crime novelette