My advice for living in a crazy world: be like Tallulah Bankhead, dahling!

My advice for living in a crazy world: be like Tallulah Bankhead, dahling!

The world icon is tossed around ad nauseam these days but, for some folks, it is the only word available in the English Lexicon to describe them!

Tallulah Bankhead, whose greatest accomplishment is seen as introducing the word “dahling” into our everyday life, was a renaissance woman who toed the line between actress and fireball. Born in 1902 into a storied family (her father, William B. Bankhead, was Speaker of The House of Representatives), Bankhead decided to make her own way and become an actress. Though she never become a movie “star” along the lines of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, Bankhead carved a niche for herself on the stage. She was even in the running for the role of Scarlett O’Hara in the legendary 1939 movie adaptation of Gone with the Wind. Yet, what she was, above else, was a singular and fascinating personality.

Whether it was hamming it up with Lucille Ball on a TV special or acting in a serious role in Alfred Hitchcock’s critically-acclaimed Lifeboat, Tallulah Bankhead lived the characters she portrayed and carried with her a storied zest for life and wisdom that comes from years of sweat, booze, and assorted whoopee. She was also highly promiscuous, bi-sexual, and a raging alcoholic, but always put her work above all else. She died in 1968 at the age of 66, as a result of emphysema, a child of her chain-smoking habit.

With a world full of frenzy and madness, we must take the time to sit back and revel in the glories of the personalities of the past. And what, I might ask, is more nostalgic to all of you millenials out there, than the AutoMat…

…or perhaps a nice, gentle conversation with Willie Mays…

…or bugging the hell out of Lucy…

…and, of course, we can’t forget that famous Tallulah Bankhead wit!

On education:


On the true secret of strength:


On cocaine:


On cocaine plus bisexuality:


On her famous catchphrase:


On regret:


And, most appropriately, on Republicans:


When you learn from Tallulah, you learn from the best and, in the end, you learn to be confident, sassy, and the true essence of the word: “iconic.”


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