Steven's Philosophy Express Cafe (#1): The importance of Definition

Steven's Philosophy Express Cafe (#1): The importance of Definition

To what do we owe civilization?

Are we the result of unnamed, violent ancestors or the direct descendants of the very essence of heroism? The very idea that man is some cretin absolute in his violence and formed in the ore of irrationality, is a direct violation of man’s soul.

The soul is the buzzword of the mystic – vague and intentionally misleading. It’s easy to shirk responsibility when death and carnage are incited by a word that has no finite meaning.

The key to life is not purple prose or slogans – it is definition.

Through definition, we can clarify and understand the meaning of the world in greater clarity. The question is – how do we define?

Definition must come as, not a whim, but a distillation of the fruit of your senses. Your senses don’t deny reality if they are borne in rational soil. Turn your mind from the heretics quoting scripture that “the end is nigh, repent or be damned!”

Pick up a pen – this object is man-made and is the composite of the mind of an inventor seeking to isolate his ideals in concrete form. This is not just a tool used for writing. It is the result of a rational mind initiating a glorious symphony.

There is nothing more dangerous than a man who can’t define what he believes. Vague slogans and empty rhetoric are a result of the mind of a creature that is abhorrent of reason.

So, to those reading, I implore you to define what you believe and give evidence for supporting said belief. Never hold an ideal you don’t believe in and always questions your belief, to both strengthen your argument if you are correct or to be able to revise it upon realizing that your logic is flawed.

Definition is not just an act cataloged in dictionaries – it is the act of breathing the air of philosophy into your life’s credo.

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