Steven's Cynical Christmas (#4): My Top 5 Holiday Songs!

Steven's Cynical Christmas (#4): My Top 5 Holiday Songs!

This time of the year, we’re deluged with the same music played ad nauseam, over and over and over again. There’s only so much Rudolph and Frosty I can take before it feels like centipedes are gnawing out the back of my eye socket.

So, for a rather fun, informal article, I thought I’d count down my Top 5 Favorite Holiday Songs (and trust me…they’re anything but traditional!):

#5: “River” by Joni Mitchell

This song, which concerns Christmas in the lyrics as well as using small chunks of “Jingle Bells” and “In The Bleak Midwinter” in the piano part, has become a Holiday favorite of mine because of its slight melancholy and ultimate hopefulness.

#4: “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch!”

I mean… how could I not choose this one? A bit of humor was needed in this list and this song has it in spades! (A bit of trivia: The man who sings this song, Thurl Ravenscroft, was also the voice of the iconic Tony the Tiger, as well as one of the singing busts in Disney Land/World’s The Haunted Mansion ride!)

#3: “Light One Candle” by Peter, Paul, and Mary

This song, which concerns the story of Channukah, is both a powerful call to action and a plea to remember the past and honor those who fought for their ideals.

#2: “I Know That My Redeemer Liveth” from G.F. Handel’s The Messiah

This aria, which takes place after the boisterous and iconic “Hallelujah” Chorus, is my favorite reflective piece of Holiday music, blending a mellifluous melodic line with the aura of a simple prayer. This version, featuring English soprano Lynne Dawson (who was a soloist at Princess Diana’s Funeral), magnifies the perfection of this piece.

#1: “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home!)” by Darlene Love

Phil Spector’s A Christmas Gift is, perhaps, the greatest Holiday album of all time and this song, which was featured every Christmas on The David Letterman Show, is the ultimate song that screams IT’S CHRISTMAS… to me, at least!

What are YOUR favorites, I must ask? Feel free to comment if you’d like! I adore hearing from you all as often as possible.

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