The importance of voicing your opinion

The importance of voicing your opinion

With impending elections, a rogue Olympic charlatan dancing his life away, and people taking a knee during The National Anthem, there is a lot to be frustrated with in this world.

It’s hard to feel like a small fish under the din of the crowd, fighting to be heard and make a difference. Thought I love doing it, writing this blog is akin to throwing a pebble in the ocean and hoping it might land on top. Sometimes you succeed and sometimes the pebble doesn’t even make it in the water. It is sometimes difficult to find the strength to continue, even if your voice might be obliterated.

From a very early age, it was always a very important yearning of mine to be heard. But, thought it’s hard to believe now, I was a timid, socially anxious child who would cry if I was asked to do anything that would set me apart from the group. One time my father asked me to do my impression of Marvin the Martian from Looney Tunes for one of his co-workers. My eight-year-old self was not having it and, after his cajoling for a while, I promptly start to cry and my father chuckled and ushered me off to his office with his tail between his legs.

As I progressed through my years, I started to ease out of the cocoon I started in. Becoming a classical singer and actor slowly cracked this nut from his shell and, little by little, I started to become more vocal. Also, happily, as my vocality increased, so did my opinions on important issues. Suddenly, I had an opinion and wasn’t afraid to give my two cents and, with no hyperbole, it was one of the most liberating experiences in my life.

No matter what your color, gender, religion, or sexuality, we all have an equal right to be heard. Even those people we find irrational have a pulpit to speak from and, if they don’t incite violence, they are free to do it. Free Speech is the most glorious liberty bestowed upon us, even though it is one of the most abused. But the ability to speak your beliefs with little to no interference guarantees that every person, no matter how small, has a right to a belief.

The purpose of all of my blah blah blahing about this is to urge those of you out there who are timid or apathetic when gaining and voicing opinions need to rethink the reasons why. If you have a mind, a heart, and a soul, you should be able to add your voice to the multitude. Having a blog like this is a very freeing experience because, though I know not everyone will agree with me, at least I am able to cement my thoughts and let people know where I stand.

So class, your assignment for today is to watch the news and research an issue, gain a perspective and an opinion on it, and then comment on this blog what that opinion is! Be vocal, be controversial, and be yourself, most importantly.

It’s amazing what we can achieve in life when you know what you believe.

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