This week on "Insane Reactions to National Tragedies": Donald Trump on Twitter and homophobic "Dennis" on Facebook react to the Orlando Shooting

With 49 dead at the hands in Orlando as a result of ISIS-pledged Omar Mateen gunning them down with an assault weapon, a veil has fallen over the nation. The rational are banding together and staying strong, offering support, and praying through the worst. But sadly, as is to be expected, a few ditch-rats have decided to crawl out of their watery dominions to spread hate, violence, and sickening rhetoric.

First, we have the terrifying gift that keeps on giving, Mr. Donald Trump. Mr. Trump took to Twitter to comment on the situation but, instead of calling for peace and sympathizing with the families of the deceased, he gloated on how he was right that ISIS would attack on American soil:

trump tweet or 1

Celebrities such as John Legend and George Takei have called out Trump on his ham-fisted handling of this delicate, emotion-fraught situation.

After facing the backlash over this tweet, he decided that wasn’t enough and renewed his vow that, once he’s voted president, he’ll ban all immigrants from Muslim countries to stop this sort of thing from happening. Someone should tell Mr. Trump that the shooter was born here.

After reading those, I truly thought that I had seen the worst of the commentary. Boy howdy, was I wrong. One of my friends on Facebook posted this screengrab that was shared down the grapevine (and I took the liberty of blurring out his last name and most of his picture):

gay rant


I found this guy’s profile and decided to root around a bit and, surprise surprise, he’s a Trump supporter!

dennis trump tower

And he’s racist (which doesn’t surprise me in the least) and possibly criminal and anti-police:

dennis sheriff

My reason for sharing this cornucopia of dysfunctionality is to please, for the love of God, think before you speak! You have your opinions and we all lead incredibly different lives, but you can’t spread hate like this when innocent people were murdered in cold blood. If they themselves were murderers or monsters, then it’s appropriate to show a smidgen of praise. These people, who had hopes and dreams and ambitions, are now lost forever.

And, if Justice is listening in the heavens, Messers Trump and Dennis will realize that you don’t fight evil with evil. They must have missed the memo in Preschool.

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