The Danger of Losing Trust

The Danger of Losing Trust

Trust is one of the most precious things in the world. To trust someone is to place your life and values into their hands, knowing full well that they will uphold them and do their best not to hurt you.

But, I’ve seen recently, trust has become rather a commodity in this day and age. Even within families, lies and deceit are corroding the trust that we once held dear. There are families who constantly tell lies to each other, becoming a separate set of disparate individuals, rather than a cohesive unit.

Trust is something that needs to be cultivated over your entire lifetime, not just when it’s convenient. More relationships and marriages end in divorce now, because partners and spouses can’t trust each other. The advent of Social Media has also brought about a new renaissance in the ability to furtively cheat. It’s so easy for someone to message you, text you and distract you from the person you’ve dedicated your life to. Why stay faithful to your girlfriend when that old flame from high school wants to meet for dinner? Why get married to your boyfriend when you can talk to a new target every night and go through them like tissues? More distraction means less dedication.

And this doesn’t just apply to relationships. Look at your coworkers: people are stealing millions of dollars from major companies and doing as little work as possible without getting caught. Even Church officials are stealing money from the very institutions they’ve dedicated not only their working force but their entire heart and soul. Coworkers talk behind the backs of others, undermining them and unraveling the fabric of interconnected processes that make up any workforce.

In love and work, we have lost sight of the core issue: dedication. True trust means true dedication to the subject at hand. True trust takes a whole hell of a lot of work and it is not something to be entered into lightly. You should never falsely allow someone to trust you, knowing full well that you’ll betray them. That’s like telling someone to bite into an apple and knowing full well that it’s filled with rotting centipedes. If you love someone, you should want them to trust you and you should want to trust them. No one goes into any kind of project hoping someone will betray, it’s not how humans function (unless you’re a sociopath, then the rules are different and you may want to go consult an exorcist.)

One of the things about our culture is that the advent of technology is giving people the strange sensation that they are omnipotent creatures that lie above the law of human behavior. I started to see this shift in high school, people stabbing each other in the back over the most petty things, like people not liking a status of theirs on Facebook or ignoring their text message.  Back then, I chalked it all up to getting more comfortable with technological advances, but it has continued unabated for quite some time now. And now, sadly. we’re paying the consequences.

What we need to do to combat this is to get back into reality and look at the situation with a new perspective. Look at the things that you love and assess their worth in your life. Is it worth losing your girlfriend because you can’t give up talking to random people online? Is it worth losing your job because you can’t be trusted to do your own job? Trust is one of, if not the, highest value in my life. I pride myself upon being dependable and being consistent in my morals enough to always make decisions based on my own code of values.

One of the most important things to do, philosophically, in your your life is define a code of values. If you have a code of values, you will know how to make any decision, because you won’t contradict your values. What is love, what is sex, what is humility, what is crime, what is law? Define every single important thing in your life and assign a code of morals to them. Remember that you are your own best moral compass.

Trust is a difficult thing to keep constant in your life but, when you achieve that stasis, it is just the thing to keep your heart pure and your life moving along in the right direction. Remember, dear readers, to always do what you think is right. Trust your judgment and trust yourself.

You are you and no one else will ever be you, so make this the best life you can fight to achieve.

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