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Hot Tubs and Hillbillies

My sister wanted to know if we were getting a hot tub at our new house. I had to laugh. Short answer, no, but I’ve never been big on short answers. She evidently hadn’t heard about our traumatic hot tub experiences that have totally turned off The Big Guy to such luxuries. Hot tub mania... Read more »

Kathy Griffin - A Spoof too Far?

Kathy Griffin has been in the news a lot this week. Normally, for a comedian, this would be a good thing. Good for publicity, good for her career, good for business. But that’s not the case here. If you’ve been off the planet this past week, or have given up on the news and are... Read more »

My love/hate relationship with my computer

Blogapalooza Night: “Write about something you hate to use or rely on but can’t do without” Rules are simple. Set my timer for an hour, read the topic and start writing. I haven’t done a blogapalooza in a bit, but HAD to when I saw the title of this one this morning, (pain meds won... Read more »

Adult Colouring Books - A Game Changer

Mindless Violence Colouring book
I recently wrote about my frustrations with Adult coloring books. You can read about it here. One of my colleagues and fella blogger, Michelle Babicz (She writes Planet Michelle and has a wicked sense of humor) reached out to me for the save. She pointed me in a direction for colouring books that was more... Read more »

Mother's Day without Mom

It has been a long time since I was able to look my mom in the eyes and tell her that I loved her. Sure, I talk to her often and tell her how much I miss her, but it just isn’t the same as being and seeing. My mom has been gone for more... Read more »

Why My Adult Coloring Book Pissed Me Off

The Big Guy isn’t working at home today, so I decided to open my adult coloring book and “meditate” my way through coloring a page. This activity is supposed to be meditative and have a relaxing effect. Well let me tell you, it doesn’t. Big Mistake. Huge mistake. Ginormous – well, you get the picture.... Read more »

Jimmy Kimmel made me cry when I heard his monologue

How did you feel when the witty guy that makes you laugh until you pee begins his show with a monologue that knocks the air right out of you? Jimmy Kimmel made a plea on his show lastnight as a result of their hospital staff discovering his newborn son’s heart disease. He followed with an... Read more »

No Worries! Hit the Subscribe by Email Button

A subscription, by definition usually screams of commitment. It may involve a donation or payment of some kind, but almost always expects one to continue with whatever it is one has been drawn to. Some subscriptions involve money, others, your time. There are so many things to decide before you agree to share your information... Read more »

Scents and Sensibility

Now that spring is around the corner, I’m sure you’re getting ready to start your outside projects. Those lists can be endless, and many times we rely on “go to” items from habit. We may not consider the short term or even long term effects of our purchases. Often times, included in outside projects is... Read more »

Friend or Fowl? A Short Tale of Obsession

I’ve never been much of a Moby Dick fan, but I do know obsession when I see it. The book was overflowing with it. Fixated on his nemesis, Captain Ahab spent his life tracking a fish and proceeded to lose what was left of his mind in the process. There were several other obsessions that... Read more »