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The Inconvenient Truth about Sexual Assault

I am not shocked, but I am saddened by the recent allegations of sexual assault in the news. It is not a surprise to me that this has been an ongoing issue for decades. I know these things because, I am, after all, a woman. I think that is a SICKENING reason, but to know... Read more »

Don’t let saving for someone else’s posterity bite you in the ass

As I rapidly approach the beginning of another trip around the sun, I need to reflect on this past years’ journey. This is the first segment. The new year started off with more packing up our home. I am still in awe as to how much shit we had amassed throughout our last 40 years... Read more »

Las Vegas, Gun Control and Mental Health

As I sit here at my computer and my heart breaks for the senseless loss of life in Las Vegas last night, a few causes begin to form in my mind. Namely, Mental Health, Gun Control and Terrorists. There are those encouraging a resolve, but do any of us really have one answer? I believe... Read more »

Why Your High School Reunion Can Be Worth Attending

Have a high School reunion coming up? Since I’ve been down this road before, I decided to share some rock-solid suggestions to help enjoy the evening. They include, but are not limited to the following: 1. Show up late. Everyone will be drunk and it will make #2 easier. 2. Pretend to be someone else... Read more »

Parenting in the age of Social Media

Being a parent is challenging. There are no instruction manuals that come with your particular child. These precious snowflakes are individuals, and therefore, all very different. What we learn and how we learn to raise them is mostly trial and error. I believe it is expected that we make mistakes, because that is how we... Read more »

The Obsessions of a Renaissance Woman

It’s that Blogapalooza time of the month again. We are given a topic, an hour, and a choice of whether or not to participate. This month’s topic is to Write about something in your life you once obsessed about but now rarely, if ever, think about” Well, that can be a really loaded topic, since... Read more »

Does religion give one the right to be a bigot?

Ignorance may be bliss, but that doesn’t give one a pass to be an asshole either. Most humans possess the ability to think something through, figure something out and have a gut feeling that what they’re contemplating is inappropriate or just freaking wrong. There are those among us that are book smart, or those procuring... Read more »

It’s summer and I was grilled... by a six year old

Most grandparents think they have the cutest, best behaved, most adorable grand kids in the world. Me? I know it. I love the unfiltered, and sometimes inappropriately direct comments and expressions they use. I love the challenging questions they ask, and I especially love how they keep me grounded. Then there are the other times... Read more »

Embracing a New Path of Uncertainty

A small wave of panic set in the other day. I thought about going out and wandering around town for a while and then I decided not to. I just didn’t want to go out. Didn’t want to leave our house. I had nowhere special to be, and nothing special to do, but I was... Read more »

This will make you think twice about surgery

It’s Blogapalooza Time again – Today’s topic is “Write about a decision you made that changed the course of your life for better or worse” When you’re asking someone “a little impulsive” to respond to a topic such as this one, it can be a little dicey. This is just one of the many bonehead... Read more »