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The Traveling Over 60 Chronicles: . . . and the journey continues . . .

After we arrived at the Santa Monica pier, I came to a sad realization. The big guy and I had already spent a week on the road and no matter what, from here on, this was our halfway mark. This would be the point at which we start our return home. BUT, don’t despair, we... Read more »

The Traveling over 60 Chronicles: Yep, it’s all about the Journey

Big detour here, again. Lots of driving and ended up at the Grand Canyon. It was so worth the extra miles. If you’ve never been there, it’s definitely a “must see.” Such an impressive and majestic place. I find myself using those words more and more to describe what we’re seeing in the southwest. On... Read more »

The Traveling over 60 Chronicles: Still looking for the nostalgic Route 66 of old

On our way through Missouri, we made a quick stop for dinner in Eureka Springs, Arkansas to meet up with some friends. Let me tell ya, traveling down Route 62 at night with no lights to guide us was kind of terrifying. If you’ve never taken US Route 62, it’s like a smaller version of... Read more »

The Traveling Over 60 Chronicles: Jack, a Big Rocker and Uranus

Finally! The adventure begins. . . We made a decision early on as to where we would begin our adventure. There would be so many museums and points of interest along the way. We were aware of a ton of stops in Illinois. In the Springfield area alone there were more than a dozen or... Read more »

The Traveling Over 60 Chronicles: The Matter of Choosing a Conveyance

When the big guy and I first talked about traveling route 66, our plan had been to travel it on our Harley Road King. Of course that was when we were much younger, and wouldn’t feel every bump in the road. Well, as with a lot of things, plans change. There are times they have... Read more »

The Traveling Over 60 Chronicles: Do we dare hit that bucket list?

I love to travel. Go new places, see new things. Since we made it through our last week-long road trip to Pennsylvania, we decided to give it another shot. Why not? We already survived each other in our little Hyundai SUV and all that damn road construction. We just had a few “tweaks” we needed... Read more »