One of my missions is to discover new things and tell people about them. If there's no experience, there's no story, and I LOVE a good story. I am passionate about my artwork. I spend countless hours in my studio and it shows in the glass pieces I make.

The things I choose to do are things I feel passionate about. Whether it is cooking or eating, drinking, writing or visiting my favorite resale joints - I  live life with my heart.  Life is a journey and my bags are packed, always. I'm searching for the next adventure and another great story. I may rant, rave, cajole or give props, but whatever I do, you can be sure that something has hit a nerve or I'd never have noticed it. You can never know what's next if you don't look. . . inside the wrapper.

Please feel free to share my blog. Comments are welcome here or at my email address at - carole_lago@att.net