The End is Just Another Word for a New Beginning

I have read the posts, eloquently penned by fellow CN Bloggers about the demise of our reign here at ChicagoNow. The latest one was by my friend and fella writer at Planet Michelle, and another by I’ve Got the Hippy Shakes

Please check out the sidebar on the CN page and read them while you can. Don’t be distracted by the June 29th date on the page. That was the last date that anyone updated these pages and unfortunately that is the way this has gone.

Had I not started my time here with such a perfectly competent “cat herder,” I’m sure I would not have gotten as far with this writing thing at all.

Our original boss-man, Jimmy Greenfield was not only my own personal Perry White, but he was supportive, encouraging and gave me plenty of opportunities to challenge myself with my writing.

We had a blogapalooza every month where Jimmy would throw out a challenge topic and we would have one hour to write and post an appropriately themed blog. The first ones were definitely challenging for a novice, but I learned to look forward to them. Not only did it shake the cobwebs off, but it let me know that I could do something I thought was impossible.

After Perry, I mean Jimmy, left, the support and encouragement left with him. My writing waned for a while, but I do believe it is possible to pick up and begin again.

So, that is what myself and my writing buddies will be doing. We will go off and continue to write, but it will not be here at ChicagoNow and it makes me sad.

Some of us have found a new place to blog and I’m sure some of us are still looking for a new home. At any rate, we are on our own to find our way, direction has not been forthcoming.

This is a new beginning for me and although I don’t know where I will land at the moment, I don’t believe you’ve heard the last of me.

I’m sticking around until the bitter end here, hopefully I will have my new digs before the final curtain falls. Thank you for following me.

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