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The Big Guy and I are celebrating our three year anniversary! Not of being together, geeze, where have you been? That’s 40 some odd years in the making, and I’m sure I’ll have a story or two about that – another time.

This is the three year anniversary of our downsizing move, and I feel it calls for a yearly celebration at the very least. I know there have been “rumors” that I have been known to celebrate almost anything if there is at least a sip of smooth brown nearby. Well, ok, maybe there is some truth to that.

Moving on. . .

We didn’t leave the continent, or even the state. Basically, we left the county. We moved less than a days drive (by covered wagon, of course) farther west. To some, this move and ultimate destination was unimaginable. How would we manage so far from civilization?! go-west

This moving and downsizing exercise was way up there in our top five list for being a big deal. We already knew that moving is not for the faint-at-heart. Not a whole lot can be more stressful than relocating. But downsizing?! That is at the crazy end of moving. The word DOWNSIZING itself causes most people to break out into a cold sweat and be filled with dread and foreboding. We had lived in the same town for over 30 years (yikes!). We raised our kids, I owned a business, and we made many good friends over the years. The questions loomed – Would we be able to pull this off?

As we soon discovered, this relocation would not be without its challenges. No matter how well you plan something, surprises still pop up.

Several months after we moved, The Big Guy was unexpectedly “offered” a retirement package from his job. The details may escape me now – or not – but this was not a planned event, it may even be considered what some may call “a curveball”. It was, nonetheless, something that needed to be re-figured into the grand plan.

We could be miserable with this turn of events, or we could send a mental nod to the Universe that we were going to embrace the ever-new and changing life we started to carve out for ourselves. Welcoming this change in direction meant holding on tight to each other, being open to the possibilities, and looking ahead to that bold, new path and all of its potential. Call it Plan B, or C, or whatever you’d like, but new plans were in the works, whether we were ready or not.

Holy shit! Ain’t life grand?!

Our lives have been turned into a day-to-day adventure that has been both fun as well as a test of our commitment in our new surroundings.

There have been wonderful opportunities to reconnect with people rather than be disconnected from them. We have experienced growth rather than sitting back and watching the world go by. We embrace our life with a more fullness in our living, rather than just existing day to day.

There are times I feel like I’m living someone else’s life, but then I’m pleasantly surprised to find that it IS my life, our life, and I’m sharing it with my bestest friend in the world, and I’ve never been so good with that! greatplaces

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