The Selflessness Involved in Making a Hero

“It’s not what you say, it’s what you do.“

“Actions speak louder than words.“

“Children should be seen and not heard.“

Ever hear any of these?

I heard my share of old-fashioned adages growing up. The one that did the most damage? Being seen and not heard. Sit quietly, don’t rock the boat and keep your mouth shut.

Damaging, thoughtless words from the mouths of people that were ok having others speak for them.

Breaking the code of silence is scary. . . and liberating. Speaking up and out for our rights should be no more difficult than ordering dinner – but it is.

My first “taste” of boat rocking presented itself to me in high school. In our little suburban corner of the world, we tackled the school dress code. Our “sit-in” changed the rules. WE made it possible to wear jeans and miniskirts. This was small local stuff, but we got a taste of the possibility of change.

We were our own heroes back then, and discovered that if we didn’t speak up for ourselves, no one else would. The issues became more complicated as we became older and more aware. The role of hero changed many times. Topics shifted throughout the years. Not once, NOT ONCE, did we anticipate that the issues would affect us on our own American soil. Worse yet, that these issues would be directed at our children.

Nowhere, in any stretch of my imagination did I ever worry about our children’s safety in school. We have gone from skinned knees on the playground to children being murdered in the safety of their classroom.

I sit crying as I listen to these amazing and articulate high school heroes. Their protest this week isn’t looking for dress code changes, they are fighting for their very lives. They are saying and doing grown-up things to save their lives and the lives of others.

These Heroes were made by the inactivity of our lawmakers. They have been thrown into an adult situation that they should have no place in yet. It is truly bone chilling, heartbreaking and unfair. These young people should be focused on being kids, growing up, falling in love, choosing a career. NOT on burying their classmates.

This is unacceptable.

Congress, Senate, MISTER President. Stop your partisan bullshit and look at what’s wrong with this picture. This is not a one issue problem.

It is a bullying issue.

It is a mental health issue.

It is a gun control issue.

It is an automatic weapons issue.

It is your issue.

And this should be your focus. Fix it. All of it. Get dressed and get out of bed with the NRA and lobbyists. You were elected into office by the good citizens of this great country. You are in place to serve your constituents. So, listen to us.

Listen. to. us. You are our lawmakers. You have been put into office to represent our interests – our greater good. YOU have the power to stop this insanity and fix this. It is high time we made some significant strides to making this country great again.

This country’s future voters, our young leaders, are speaking up and out. They are smart, they are articulate, and they are pissed off. You can try to ignore them and look the other way, but I caution you, that would be a mistake. It is YOUR future that is NOT secure. Step up, or get out of the way.

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