We’re all entitled to our opinons, no matter how asinine

I realize when a letter to the editor hits the paper that they are probably not reviewed for stupidity, but I am taking a moment to review this one.

As a commercial driver, I don’t want to share the road with pot heads. But I do support legalization of marijuana in Illinois.
The state legislature should pass a law that says a citizen who chooses to purchase marijuana may be issued a special drug-use license, but will first have to surrender their driver’s license.
You can use drugs. Or you can drive. But you can’t do both safely.
— John O’ – DeKalb

His was a short letter – mine will probably be longer.

The writer states he is a commercial driver. Maybe John O’ doesn’t read the news much, but you guys are not beyond reproach. How many trucks, I wonder, have people witnessed swerving down an interstate at an unholy speed so you can get to your designated pickup or delivery spot. How many of you drive while you are exhausted, sleeping at the wheel, and putting the entire driving public at risk. We share the road with morons that don’t know better than to pull over and catch a nap. How many of you are not licensed? How many truckers are on the road today that don’t have a legitimate CDL? Let’s not stop there. How about fast food delivery drivers? Uber drivers? Cabbies? Surrender YOUR license if you fit into this category. Brother, you should look in your own backyard before you start throwing shit over the fence.

Let’s look at drinking and driving. Needless to say, one should NEVER drink and drive. However, I have seen my share of swerving, running off the road drunks behind the wheel of a car. Maybe there should be a law passed that if you have EVER had a drink, you need to surrender your drivers license. Drunk drivers have caused countless DUI accidents, killing more people in a drunken state than traffic related accidents by at least one third. Enforce that one buddy. Save some lives while you’re at it.

Here’s another one – texting and driving accidents. How many people have died at the hands of someone texting? Evidently people are too stupid to know that they can’t possibly pay attention to the nuances of driving while staring at a three-inch screen and typing about urgent matters like posting to facebook, carrying on a conversation, or just a random OMG, look what I just took a picture of with my phone (while I am driving.) Why are those licenses not being revoked? Lives are in jeopardy every day because some self-important idiot needs to communicate with the world instead of paying attention to the road.

Talking on the phone while driving comes in on my top Five list also. If you need to talk, make it quick. Or, pull the hell over. It’s the moron that doesn’t know that Hands free doesn’t mean taking the phone away from your ear and holding it in your hand. Hands free means hands free. Both of them.

So, Mr. O’ in Dekalb, I ask you to rethink what you are proposing here. I also don’t want to share the road with potheads, drunks, bad truck drivers, texters and the hands free brigade. I don’t know that I even want to share the road with you or people that think like you.

Your special drug-use license idea is uniquely asinine. But, this being America, we are all entitled to our opinion, no matter how asinine it is.

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