Pit bull adoption discouraged in contemptible upcoming Super Bowl video

Following a lead from our community editor this morning about a twit (yep, not a typo) regarding an upcoming ad during the Super Bowl.

#donotadopt hashtag on Twitter

Fellow blogger Brian Kremen – ConFIdences blog – posted his response – you can see it here

I just can’t let him be the only voice heard here.

Now, I’m not saying that the stats DON’T point to this particular breed, but I am horrified that someone would actually pay for a freaking ad DURING THE SUPERBOWL to tell people not to adopt pit bulls. Their stats say that 75% of deaths by mauling (29 dead) in 2016 is being directly attributed to pit bulls.

Where did these statistics come from? As with any stats, they can be manipulated to serve the master that calls upon them. How many millions of dollars are wasted on this bullshit ad when those same dollars could have very well been spent in helping homeless and abused animals.

These dogs are tortured in unimaginable ways. My stomach turns upside down every time I see the conditions these poor dogs are forced to live in. The abuse is unconscionable.

PEOPLE are turning these precious animals into the killers they are portrayed to be. Psychopaths. How far would those millions go to prosecute these individuals instead of dooming a breed to death?

Also, why did this ad not mention that dog attacks are not specific ONLY to pit bulls? Why not mention other breeds – that thru the same google search, would have yielded statistics for other breeds as well?

Why is there not an even larger focus on seeking out the offenders, the psychopaths that are breeding these dogs for fighting, or worse yet, using them as bait dogs to prep the ring for the main event. These are the killers, as it were. These offenders are the animals that should be facing extinction.

Here’s the thing. Anyone calling for a mass freeze on specific breed adoptions are also heading up a genocide team for those breeds. More will follow.

I can recall when Dobermans were the dreaded dog of the day, to be followed by German Shepherds and Rottweilers.

What’s next? YOUR family dog?

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