Las Vegas, Gun Control and Mental Health

As I sit here at my computer and my heart breaks for the senseless loss of life in Las Vegas last night, a few causes begin to form in my mind. Namely, Mental Health, Gun Control and Terrorists.

There are those encouraging a resolve, but do any of us really have one answer?

I believe mental health issues and gun control are inextricably intertwined at some level. We have all heard that guns don’t kill people, people kill people, but I feel this goes a tad bit further than that.

Stepping back from the actual ownership issue, there are many that own guns and have no intention to go around shooting innocent people. They are as safe in your home as they can be, considering that it IS a gun and a lethal weapon. Going further would require judgement to be passed on my part and I simply won’t do that. Responsible ownership is not the issue.

Then there is the Mental Health issue. The violence here is the one I can’t wrap my head around. A show of hands will reveal that a lot of people see psychologists or psychiatrists for their issues. Many, many more, I’m afraid do not or cannot seek the help they need. We see homeless people, veterans included left to their own devices for various reasons. They are, for the most part, peacefully existing in the best way they know.

Terrorists are an entirely different story. The crazy is off the hook, they will kill whomever they can, however they can and then off themselves after the damage is done. Good riddance – BUT, do it without taking other lives.

My suggestion is this. First of all, if you have mental health issues and are contemplating suicide, please, PLEASE seek help. Talk to someone. Call a hot line. There ARE people out there that care about you and want to help you. Violence is not the way through what you are feeling.

Now, if your issues include violence, as in psychopath, and you’re thinking you’re going to take out innocent souls in the process, please follow the directions below.

1. Gather all your guns in one place

2. Sort through your cache of ammo and by all means, pull out those assault weapons from wherever in hell you got them

3. Sit down on the floor with them and sort through your plans. What are you planning and how are you going to accomplishing your goals

4. Get your last piece of artillery out. This will be the one you will be committing suicide with after you turn those assault weapons on innocent souls

5. Now kindly, and will all due respect, PLEASE FUCKING SHOOT YOURSELF. DO IT FIRST. Make sure it’s a head shot because the alternative associated with your survival is too horrific. I personally don’t want you surviving this little ordeal you have planned. You need a clear and quick path to hell and I’m sure someone will gladly help you along.

Please understand that I feel mental health issues should be addressed as a priority. I also feel that these heinous crimes go beyond the description of mental health as a general malady. There is a horrifying psychopathic issue in play here that adds violent social behavior into the mix. “just being mentally ill” is no match for having an antisocial personality disorder.

I believe if someone walked up to me on the street and told me they were planning on starting a pre-suicide shooting gallery, I have confidence in the fact that I would put an end to your miserable existence and start you on the way to your utopia.

Reckless? Probably. But no more reckless than what you have planned. If that makes me no better than you, so be it.

I can’t bear to see this happening again and again. How many times do we have to turn on our t.v. and see the pain by families ripped apart from these senseless killings?

We need more love, more kindness. This nation needs to heal. We need to do it now.

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