Don’t let saving for someone else’s posterity bite you in the ass

As I rapidly approach the beginning of another trip around the sun, I need to reflect on this past years’ journey.

This is the first segment.

The new year started off with more packing up our home. I am still in awe as to how much shit we had amassed throughout our last 40 years of living together.

Me: Do these people throw NOTHING away?

Well, if you asked my kids, they would say we got rid of the wrong things throughout the years.

A few of them. . .

A signed broken bat from a Kane County Cougars game. The bat was at least a couple of decades ago. Who signed it? No clue. BUT, someone did and this freaking bat has been a point of “contention” for years now.

Where is the box the Lego’s came in? Which box? Don’t know specifically, since we did keep at least 75 pounds of Lego’s erroneously assuming that THAT was the part we should keep.

Has anyone seen my Mighty Max toys? OMG – those were tiny little pieces that the cat probably ate. (The dog never liked Mighty Max). Since I felt deep remorse and sorrow for the part I may have played in this ordeal, I searched for, found and ordered some identical pieces on line to make amends. Result? “Those aren’t mine. . . “

I saved He-Man, Battle Cat, Skeletor and a couple of other characters, but what do I hear? “WHERE’S HE GOING TO LIVE NOW THAT YOU’VE GOTTEN RID OF HIS CASTLE?” OMG, really?

Electronic games – Nintendo and miscellaneous hand-held mind numb-ers. Some of these things sat with batteries in them for years and were never touched. What did I find? foaming at the mouth batteries that sadly reflected the years of neglect – gone.

The fool that I am has saved things like pictures, letters, artwork, Christmas ornaments. I saved autographed t-shirts from high school, smelly, disgusting autographed gym shoes that nobody wanted, and baby clothes they’ll NEVER want for their kids as well.

I thought that after they moved and got settled in their own homes, that they MAY want some of their mementoes – well, I chose poorly.

What was I thinking?

First lesson learned this year. . .

Take money from your kids when they start working. Take enough to rent a storage shed. Pack up their toys, video games, clothes, shoes, everything they haven’t taken to college. Make sure it’s something they won’t need if and when they come home to visit.

Keys to a storage shed make a lovely graduation gift. So lovely that I wish I would have thought of that sooner.

Oh, yea, and they get the new storage shed rental agreement also.

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