It’s summer and I was grilled... by a six year old

Most grandparents think they have the cutest, best behaved, most adorable grand kids in the world.

Me? I know it.

I love the unfiltered, and sometimes inappropriately direct comments and expressions they use. I love the challenging questions they ask, and I especially love how they keep me grounded. Then there are the other times that I have to struggle to keep a straight face.

A recent conversation with our recently turned six-year-old went something like this:

Nana, your nails need to be done. Maybe I should paint them.

Before I had a second to answer, the next question came pouring out. Well, more like a barrage of questions. Something on the order of a quick-fire interrogation.

Which is the ring poppy gave you?

What is this other ring? The one with my name on it.

Uh-oh folks, the kid can read too. Did I mention that?

Well, I got this when you were born. It’s your birthstone.

What about my sister’s birthstone? Where is that?

OK, folks, a confession here – haven’t gotten it yet.

Nana, can I have this?

Sure, but not now. Ha! possession is still 9/10th toots!

Well, then when can I have it?

Um….. um, not for a while, I hope.

How about when you’re in heaven?

Adorable – she believes that THAT’s where you’ll find me in the afterlife.

Um….. sure.

Well, how will I get it then?

Say, what?

You know, how will I get it? How. Will. I. Get. The. Ring. Nana.

Is my attention span THAT short?

OMG, who is this Gollum-like character? Is this ring our version of “precious?”

I took a moment to regroup. I’ve sort of learned over the years to have kids be specific. What is it exactly that you’re asking for? What exactly did you want to know? That sort of thing. Nothing like going on for what would seem like hours about something I “think” they want, when it’s usually not that complicated.

No, nope, not with this one. It usually IS complicated. Did I mention that she’s six going on 30?

So back to the delivery vehicle of “precious”

What do you mean, how will you get it? Someone will give it to you when it’s time.

What if they don’t? Can I take it now?

No, right now, you can wear this ring as a belt. Why not wait several dozen years when I’m “in heaven” (wink, wink) and then it will fit you.

But, what if they forget? Can you give it to me when you’re in the hospital?

If she’s anything, she’s focused, persistent and maybe a tad bit Gollum-ish.

How about this? I promise you if I have a little warning, I’ll see to it that you have it before I’m in a hospital. How’s that sound?

Ok nana. But, I really do like it.

Yes dear, it will give you something to look forward to (like my demise)

Ok, are we done? Yes.

Hey Nana, I really like your necklace. . . .




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