This will make you think twice about surgery

It’s Blogapalooza Time again – Today’s topic is “Write about a decision you made that changed the course of your life for better or worse”

When you’re asking someone “a little impulsive” to respond to a topic such as this one, it can be a little dicey. This is just one of the many bonehead decisions I have made.

As I sit here, unmedicated, I can tell you right away which decision I’ve made that has taken a toll on me. A word of warning to anyone that asks, and a reminder for me to not rely on a doctor’s shit advice, ever again.

Several years ago, I had surgery to repair a bunion. Now, I’m sure everyone knows someone that has had bunion surgery. It appears it’s fairly common. Many have had great outcomes from this type of surgery.

My results, however, were not good. The big issue here was that although my foot was painful before surgery, it was not as bad as I have seen since I’ve had mine “fixed”. In other words, I believe I could have been better off without anyone carving into me like a science project.

I was encouraged and reassured to have this surgery – my podiatrist recommended it.

After the first surgery, I was required to have an additional one to remove some hardware that was causing problems. I thought this would be the end of it, but it wasn’t. I was still in pain, but tried to live with the advice I had followed.

A couple of years later, I developed a neuroma on that same foot. (nerve gets irritated, like a pinched nerve.)

A different podiatrist this time, could repair this. Additionally, and evidently as a bonus to me, he could fuse two toes in order to proactively fix further issues from occurring. He had seen these types of issues before and this was my best course of action.

Let me tell you, this guy was quite a salesman. He had me convinced that I would have nothing but problems in the future if I didn’t heed his advice. His proposed work would bring my foot back to where it should have been after the first two surgeries and I was uncomfortable, looking for some pain relief.

Big note here – I’m including a link if you’re thinking of bunion surgery anytime in the future.

So, I scheduled surgery with this chucklehead*, and he succeeded in doing irreparable damage to my foot. Two surgeries following his with yet another podiatrist, were unable to correct what this scalpel wielding maniac did because I trusted him. I regret my decision. It has had a huge impact on my life.

*Chucklehead = Mother-F’ing S.O.B. – tried to clean it up a bit.

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