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2021 NFL Uniform Update & Reviews

2021 NFL Uniform Updates & Reviews The 2020 NFL season had a lot of uniform changes, some for the absolute best, and some for the worst. The 2021 season doesn’t have as many changes, but ones that have been made are huge for the future of NFL uniforms and how we’ll get to see them... Read more »

The State of Chicago (Sketch Show)

I’m currently doing a show at iO Chicago called “State of Chicago”. It’s a humourous look at Chicago history, from Fort Dearborn to some weirdo tight rope walking over the Chicago river. It’s a sketch show with song, dance, puppets, and maybe some facts. WHEN: Tuesday nights in February at 10pm WHERE: iO Theater –... Read more »

Sports Themed Sketch Show

For the last couple months I’ve been working enthusiastically on a sports themed sketch show with Collin Dahlgren and David Schwartzbaum called “Everyone Hoops”. It takes a humorous look at the role sports plays in our lives and covers much more than just the Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, Cubs, and Sox. If you’re a die hard sports... Read more »