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How To Cancel Your Xsport Fitness Membership

So you’ve found a better gym, your moving, or you’ve just decided to accept your fatness. It doesn’t matter the reason, it’s still a pain to cancel your Xsport Fitness membership. For a company that has their members do everything online it’s pretty clear that Xsport makes it purposefully difficult to cancel your membership in... Read more »

360CAM by Giroptic Review

So after years of delays does the 360cam by giroptic does it finally deliver? Let’s take a look. VIDEO Now this thing technically shoots 2k video and 4k photos, but you wouldn’t guess that by looking at it. The footage is grainy, pixilated, and just dull. It really just doesn’t hold up to the quality... Read more »

Improv Podcast

I wanted to wait a until after a few episodes before I announced my new podcast. I was worried that I wouldn’t enjoy making podcasts and I would grow tired of it, but I think it’s safe to say that I’m even more excited about making this new podcast then I’ve ever been about silly... Read more »

Everyone Hoops: A Sketch Show

Back in the summer I was lucky enough to be able to put up a sports themed sketch show at Studio BE with Collin Dahlgren and David Schwartzbaum. I’m super excited to announce that we get to do it again, but at The de Maat Theater at Second City. The poster and press release below has... Read more »

Where Do I Drink After an Improv Show?

After performing improvisors are usually in the mood for a beer or twenty. Each theater seems to have a bar that most of the performers go to after the show. Below is a list of bars that are typically linked to a theater and a quick run down of each of them. All the info... Read more »

5 Bad Improv Moves

In improv there are rules, but every rule has an exception and probably another rule that breaks that rule. In the end it’s just a giant mess and typically what’s funny wins. But sometimes there are things that we just shouldn’t do or do too much. So that being said there are obviously no concrete bad... Read more »

5 Awesome Improv Moves

The greatest part of improv is it’s organic. The basic idea of a scene might work one night and completely bomb the next. So in all reality there are no “perfect moves” or “scenes that work every time”. This list is composed of scenes or moves that I personally enjoy seeing almost all the time.... Read more »

Stepping On Legos