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Did Adam Sandler Steal This Song?

After I posted my review of Adam Sandler’s new Netflix comedy special, 100% Fresh, I received an email from a reader saying that Sandler had actually stolen material and they had proof. In the special Sandler performs many short songs and one of the best is “Phone, Wallet, Keys”. A song about the three items... Read more »

Adam Sandler's New Netflix Special is not 100% Fresh

Adam Sandler’s first comedy special in over 20 years was released on Netflix last night and unfortunately it’s an overproduced mess. It’s filled with missed opportunities, Sandler giving up on jokes, and so many harsh cuts it feels like an hour long music video. Below are notes that I took during my viewing session along with... Read more »

Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 is Pure Genius

Back in 2009 Kevin James introduced us to the completely unoriginal, unfunny, and mean spirited character that is Paul Blart Mall Cop. The original film, despite being critically panned, went on to make over $146 million at the box office. So, naturally, they had to make a sequel. It somehow took over 6 years for them... Read more »

Adam Sandler Please Stop

Over a year ago I started a podcast called “Adam Sandler Please Stop” with my friend Marie Maloney. It’s a podcast where we watch every Adam Sandler movie in order of theatrical release and rank them as we go. Marie and I both started out as pretty big Sandler fans. We thought, sure, he’s had... Read more »