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GIFprov: Now?

When one of your friends comes to a show The first day of a level 1 class When you’re in a scene too long and no one edits it When the suggestion is some highfalutin word that I don’t know What auditors are thinking during auditions When someone says something that makes the audience gasp When you’re... Read more »

GIFprov: Running Late

Running late for a show Everyone’s Object work for a Bird Trying not to break in a scene Whenever someone asks my team how much money we make doing improv When someone starts speaking spanish in a scene If we used swivel chairs in improv everyone would start a scene like this Perfect mirroring 75%... Read more »

GIFprov: Deal With It

After passing the 200th GIF mark I’ve decided to take a little break with GIFprov and not make it weekly post. I’ll still do them, just not as often. If you have a problem with this I’m sorry, but you’re just going to have to…        MORE GIFprov

GIFprov: 200th GIF!

Whenever I meet another tall, white, male improvisor The audience at a midnight show, at iO, after a Cubs game When I see a video of myself doing improv When I’m backstage and I see props for a sketch show When I forget to eat before practice When I’m watching a scene that gets real... Read more »

GIFprov: Fine, I'll Take It!

When you ask for a suggestion and only one person yells out “DILDO!” When someone suggests going to the suburbs for an improv show. When people complain that all they get from graduating an improv class is a t-shirt. Monday morning after a weekend full of shows. When a joke hits really close to home... Read more »

GIFprov: Movie GIF Edition

Trying to console someone after a bad show. When you purposefully set up a kissing scene. When you find out someone blogged about one of your shows. When only one other person on your team shows up for a show. When you tell your team that you’re dating another improvisor. When you’re in a scene... Read more »

GIFprov: Talking Trash

When someone walks on and completely destroys a scene. When the audience laughs at a scene that you think it horrible. When you realize how long you’ve been doing improv. If you hear someone talk trash about your team.

GIFprov: Video Tape

When someone asks me to watch one of their 30 minute improv shows on youtube. Scene painting Whenever someone says, “My class is super talented.” When you fart in the green room right before the show. When you completely forget your lines in a sketch show, but you’re able to improvise your way out of... Read more »

GIFprov: The Best

The best city to learn improv. The best city to perform improv. The best city to watch improv. (full size) I know this is extremely bias. I don’t care.

GIFprov: So I Got That Going For Me

Going out with your new improv team for the first time. When I yell out a great suggestion, but they take someone else’s. When I get hurt during a scene. Talking to my family about my improv carrier. When I have to leave a street festival to go to a show. MORE GIFprov