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Improv Audit

In the spirit of tax season I decided to put on that silly green visor, pull out an old calculator, and give myself an improv audit. I went through my calendar and counted up all my improv related things and this is what I found. The whole process felt very narcissistic and I debated even posting... Read more »

iO Theater Leaves a Void in Wrigleyville (VIDEO)

I created this video so performers and audience members can remember the old iO Theater. It was a fantastic place with so much history and charm. It will be greatly missed. Many have said that iO Theater isn’t a building, but the performers and audience members who support it. They are 100% correct, but there... Read more »

The Art of A Show Poster

Typically when it comes time to advertise your show someone in the cast has to make the poster or you enlist the help of a friend. Most of the time the cast doesn’t take this too seriously, because honestly who goes to a show because they have a cool poster? Personally I love making posters, but... Read more »

My Year on the Second City House Ensemble

The Second City Training Center House Ensemble, often called HouseCO, is an extension of the training program at Second City. Second City makes it abundantly clear that you do not work for them yet and this is still part of their training program. This doesn’t mean that they don’t take it seriously. The program is difficult to... Read more »

Difference Between Second City, iO, and Annoyance?

When it comes to learning improv there are a lot of differences and similarities between these theaters. The type of teachers you get at each level will really define your overall experience, but this post will focus on the general teachings of each theater. If you’re still not sure where you want to take improv... Read more »

Jealousy in Improv

Walk into an improv theater in this city and you’ll see improvisors supporting other improvisors. On an off night, at a smaller theater it’s not uncommon to have a crowd that’s 95% improvisors. It’s actually crazy to see this level of support considering how busy most people are in this community. Between work, improv, and... Read more »

5 Improvisors That Will Be Famous Soon

1. Will from my Second City class Will is obviously the best guy in level D and we all know it. Remember when the teacher went out for a drink with us after class and Will sat RIGHT NEXT TO HIM!? Yeah, as if Will wasn’t already crushing it this happens. Don’t be surprised if he’s... Read more »

The A&E Second City Documentary

Way back in 2002 A&E made a little documentary about The Second City Conservatory. It might be over 10 years old now, but I think it does a very good job of representing what it’s like being in the program. It’s a little overly dramatic at times, but they had to make it a little... Read more »

Where Do I Drink After an Improv Show?

After performing improvisors are usually in the mood for a beer or twenty. Each theater seems to have a bar that most of the performers go to after the show. Below is a list of bars that are typically linked to a theater and a quick run down of each of them. All the info... Read more »

Review : Second City's Conservatory

This is my own personal experience and opinion of the conservatory program and in no way is this affiliated with Second City. I assume you’re reading this because you’re someone who’s interested in joining the program. I’ll save you the time of reading all of this babel by saying, do it. If you’re serious about improv,... Read more »