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Summer Improv Reminder

Hey male improvisors, the weather is really starting to get hot and after doing shows the past week I thought I would share a little reminder. “But Bacon, it’s hot outside!” I feel your pain my friend. Wear shorts to the theater and then change into pants in those beautiful A/C conditions. “But I have really... Read more »

Getting Notes

The first improv team I was ever on was an independent team called Sophomore Album. A bunch of talented idiots rehearsing once a week at Theater Momentum and doing random shows and festivals together. It was just a stupid fun team with great people, but it was also a fantastic learning experience. After about a year... Read more »

Improv Audit

In the spirit of tax season I decided to put on that silly green visor, pull out an old calculator, and give myself an improv audit. I went through my calendar and counted up all my improv related things and this is what I found. The whole process felt very narcissistic and I debated even posting... Read more »

Improv Thank You Notes

We’re all super busy and don’t really have the time to post thank you notes to facebook anymore, but we want our friends to know what’s going on in our lives. Well worry no more! I’ve worked tirelessly researching the best improv facebook posts and tweets so you can just copy and paste knowing that... Read more »

Get Your Team Shows

With the help of Avery Lee I’ve made a list of Chicago theaters that you and your team can apply. If you would like to add your show to this list or update any information you can contact me at The Bramble at Studio BE When: Mondays at 7:30pm Where: 3110 N Sheffield Ave Contact: Bughouse Theater... Read more »

Difference Between Second City, iO, and Annoyance?

When it comes to learning improv there are a lot of differences and similarities between these theaters. The type of teachers you get at each level will really define your overall experience, but this post will focus on the general teachings of each theater. If you’re still not sure where you want to take improv... Read more »

Jealousy in Improv

Walk into an improv theater in this city and you’ll see improvisors supporting other improvisors. On an off night, at a smaller theater it’s not uncommon to have a crowd that’s 95% improvisors. It’s actually crazy to see this level of support considering how busy most people are in this community. Between work, improv, and... Read more »

5 Improvisors That Will Be Famous Soon

1. Will from my Second City class Will is obviously the best guy in level D and we all know it. Remember when the teacher went out for a drink with us after class and Will sat RIGHT NEXT TO HIM!? Yeah, as if Will wasn’t already crushing it this happens. Don’t be surprised if he’s... Read more »

5 Steps To Becoming a REAL Improvisor

So you’ve already read the “5 Steps To Becoming an Improvisor“. You’ve signed up for classes, started an independent team, and see a show almost every week, but you’re ready for more. Well you’re in luck. Here are 5 advanced steps that you can take to become a real improvisor. 1. Learn to turn anything into a... Read more »

5 Steps to Becoming an Improvisor

So you’ve decided to disappoint your parents more by becoming an improvisor, fantastic. It might seem a little overwhelming at first when you choose to get started, but there are a few simple steps that you can take to make things easier for yourself. The general steps will help any new improvisor, but the specifics (classes, websites, etc.) are... Read more »