Dexter New Blood Review

Dexter New Blood Review

I watched every new episode of Dexter New Blood rooting for this show to succeed. I was a big Dexter fan, but the last few seasons of the show were brutal to watch. The finale might even be one of my least favorite show finales of all time.

Even then I was really excited for Dexter to come back because as awful as the ending was, they did leave it open for the perfect soft reboot of the series. I thought a new season would allow the writers to fix any issues the show had. I had high hopes for the show to return to its former glory and maybe get back to the basics with Dexter as a character.

How did it turn out? Will Dexter fans enjoy it? Most importantly, can these new episodes right the wrongs of Dexter’s previous season? Check out the video above for my full Dexter New Blood Review. Warning: Spoilers for the full Dexter series.

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