Malignant Takes an Amazing Turn

Malignant Takes an Amazing Turn

Hey everyone, welcome to Cut Up a video series where I talk about my favorite scenes in movies and re-edit them or just talk about how crazy a James Wan film is.

This time we’re talking about Malignant. Released in 2021 and directed by James Wan. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Wan’s previous films. He’s probably best known as the director of Saw, the first two Conjuring movies, and Aquaman.

James Wan doesn’t make films I usually enjoy. They’re ultra graphic and over the top, which is fine, but the acting always felt off. But, by the time I finished Malignant I get Wan now. It’s comic book horror and his style mimics comic books almost to a fault. So I was able to enjoy this movie for what it is and that’s a throwback style horror movie that uses every trick in the book while also taking HUGE swings.

Watch the video above for my full review with examples of what I’m talking about.

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