How Do You Eat in a Super Suit?

How Do You Eat in a Super Suit?

Hey everyone, welcome to Cut Up a video series where I talk about scenes in movies and re-edit them, dissect them, or just ruin your childhood.

This time we’re talking about the movie Star Kid. Released in 1997 starring Joseph Mazzello, who is probably best known as the kid from Radio Flyer and Jurassic Park.

I never saw this thing as a kid and didn’t know of its existence until recently. Basically it’s, “Hey kids, how cool would it be if you became iron man without having to also be a genius?” They don’t even shy away from this connection because there are both Marvel and DC characters everywhere in this film.

So it’s escapism for kids and that’s all it needed to be. It could have been Flight of the Navigator, but with a suit instead of a spaceship and normal kid life instead of time travel.

So for this film to work the most important thing is how the suit looks and unfortunately it’s a huge mess. Check out the video above for a full breakdown of this monstrosity.

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