City of Angels is Actually Scary

City of Angels is Actually Scary

I’ve started a new film review series on YouTube called Cut Up. Instead of doing a deep dive or full review on a film I’ll focus on specific scenes or just parts that I found interesting.

The first film I cover is City of Angels released in 1998. You can watch the full video above or read the full script below.


I finally got around to watching City of Angels from 1998. I’ve been on a little bit of a Cage kick and have been enjoying some of his latest work. I decided to give City of Angels a view and I forgot how important movie soundtracks used to be. I’m pretty sure more people had this soundtrack on CD then watched the movie. It starts off weak with a lame U2 song, but the rest are pretty great. You got the Sarah McLachlan sick dogs song. You got half of the Goo Goo Dolls greatest hits with Iris. Paula Cole has a song on here for middle aged women to listen to in the bath while sipping on wine or I guess a rolling rock if you’re a weirdo. But the biggest song on here is Alanis Morissette’s most dramatic song and that’s saying a lot.

So the music awesome. The movie itself is just… wow. It’s trying to be super cool and deep and emotional, but most of the time it’s just scary. It’s shot scary. The acting is scary. I mean it’s about a world where angles in black coats are everywhere watching us. Stalking us. Watching our TVs. All while looking creepy. Without that soundtrack this thing is a physiological horror movie. To prove it I just quickly went through this thing and grabbed a couple scenes, changed the music, and added some sound effects. (See video above)

So there you have it, City of Angels is actually scary with the cinematography being the same as a thriller. There are some really cool shots of Nicolas Cage jumping off a building to become a fallen angel, which is really stupid, but it looks great.

Nick Offerman is also in this thing for a hot second (See video above). Really awesome to see.

Hope you guys like this content. I’m going to focus more on little parts from films in this video series. Do you have a specific scene from a movie you would like me to cut up and dissect? Let me know in the comments on the video.

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