How To Cancel Your Xsport Fitness Membership

So you’ve found a better gym, your moving, or you’ve just decided to accept your fatness. It doesn’t matter the reason, it’s still a pain to cancel your Xsport Fitness membership. For a company that has their members do everything online it’s pretty clear that Xsport makes it purposefully difficult to cancel your membership in an attempt to squeeze as much money out of you as possible. I decided to share the quickest and easiest way to cancel your membership.

STEP 1: Write a letter

xsport fitness cancel my membership

Want to give me any more info? No? Okay. Thanks jerks.

This part is a little difficult because the Xsport website is deliberately vague about what they want. To cover all my bases I wrote the following.

  1. This short statement: “Hello, I’m sending this letter to cancel my membership. All the information needed is listed below. If there are any issues please contact me via email ( or phone (312-555-5555). Thank you.”
  2. Name
  3. Membership number (located on your membership card)
  4. Location and name of my Xsport

STEP 2: Sending a certified letter for free

The Xsport contract and website specifically request that the letter is sent via certified mail which is annoying, but there is an easy and free way around this. First go to and sign up for a new account. As a gift for signing up will give you $5 in your account for free to use during your free trial period. There might be even better deals depending on when you’re reading this so you might want to do a quick search for “ offer codes” online.

Once you sign up for an account follow the sites directions for sending a certified letter and print it out. Send your letter and save the tracking number that gives you so you can prove that the letter was sent just in case there are any issues. I kept my account open for a couple days while the letter was being sent and then closed it, but you can close your account once your letter has been shipped.

STEP 3: Write a Review (optional)

If you found the cancellation process annoying and needlessly complicated then the best way to let Xsport know about it is through reviews. Write a Google or Yelp review and include a section on how annoying it is to cancel your account. I’m not saying you should give them a negative review overall, but pointing out how the cancelation process was an issue for you might influence potential Xsport clients and it might force Xsport to finally change their shady business practice.

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