360CAM by Giroptic Review

So after years of delays does the 360cam by giroptic does it finally deliver? Let’s take a look.

Now this thing technically shoots 2k video and 4k photos, but you wouldn’t guess that by looking at it. The footage is grainy, pixilated, and just dull. It really just doesn’t hold up to the quality of video we’ve all now become used to. There is also some very noticeable stitching that occurs on all videos and photos and the worst part it’s right where you look at the screen. So if you want to use the photo function you can’t be looking at the countdown timer. If you’re taking a photo you have to watch it and then quickly turn the camera 180 degrees.

Well this is hard to evaluate because the model that was sent to me had sound issues. I contacted the manufacturer with video examples and after weeks of back and forth and they said and I quote “I’ve checked with our sound ingeneer (SP) on your issue. It’s actually something that can be fixed (upgraded) with our team.” It’s not an upgrade if you send someone a broken product guys. You’re asking me to send back my product, refurbish it, and then send it back? What kind of company does that? You send out a new product right away and then ask the person to send back the defective unit.

One of the other big selling points for me with this thing is that it’s waterproof for up to 30 feet. The only problem I have with that is the charging port is covered by a very small piece of rubber that doesn’t snap on securely so if you’re going to take this thing in water you better keep your thumb over this dumb little thing because any motion and it’ll fall right off. It’s brand new and the rubber is so loose. Why not just have it clip shut? Also why isn’t this thing connected to the camera? It’s so small and falls off so easily I can see everyone losing this thing constantly.

Probably some of the worst customer services I’ve ever had to handle. I should have known considering the product shipped 2 years after its scheduled launch and they gave little updates to their backers. If you have a problem and e-mail them don’t expect to hear back for a week, if at all. It’s best to just call them during business hours, but even then you’re going to deal with some of the dumbest rules ever set up by a company. EXAMPLE: Even if they ship you a defective unit you have to pay for shipping and shipping insurance if you want a refund. I’ve been trying to get a refund for over a month now and I still haven’t seen a thing.

I really wanted to like this thing. I was an original Kickstarter backer for it. It was successfully funded with almost 1.5 million dollars on July 2014 with delivery expected on November 2014. So when it finally arrived in late June of 2016 I was excited to get some amazing 360 video. I had so many cool ideas for videos that I wanted to shoot with this thing, but the video, sound, build quality, and customer service are just bad. For $500 it’s not worth it when you can get an amazing GoPro for half that and actually shoot some video that people will want to see. The novelty of the 360 capture just isn’t enough to overcome an awful product and awful company. I would wait for a better 360cam that an actual camera manufacturer will produce.


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