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I wanted to wait a until after a few episodes before I announced my new podcast. I was worried that I wouldn’t enjoy making podcasts and I would grow tired of it, but I think it’s safe to say that I’m even more excited about making this new podcast then I’ve ever been about silly videos. It’s called “Try This Podcast” and it’s a comedy show that drastically changes every episode. Every week we will have on a new comedian who will co-host in the theme, style, or topic that they’ve always wanted to make a podcast about. Every podcast will have a new title and will feel like a single episode plucked right from that podcast’s library with special segments, references to previous episodes, and recurring characters. So far we’ve just released a couple episodes and you can subscribe to us on iTunes or check out episodes on

Most episodes will be improvised with just segments and styles discussed before recording. Now this podcast is a little different from something like “Comedy Bang Bang” or “With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus” because we’re not just having people do characters, but trying to make each episode feel like it’s own podcast.
SIDE NOTE: If you haven’t listened to either of those podcasts you should because they’re amazing.

I will also be releasing episodes with serious topics and real stories from peoples lives. So one week we will have an episode about two circus elephants who have their own podcast and then the next we’ll have people telling real stories about childhood (both real upcoming episodes). I’m really excited about this and if you’re into podcasts please give it a listen.


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