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In the spirit of tax season I decided to put on that silly green visor, pull out an old calculator, and give myself an improv audit. I went through my calendar and counted up all my improv related things and this is what I found. The whole process felt very narcissistic and I debated even posting it. In the end I wanted to share because I really want others to post this kind of information and see how much time we’re all spending on our hobby/dream because right now these numbers have no meaning. So I encourage anyone who keeps track of their information to do this. Keep in mind while doing this is that it doesn’t matter how often you do something it matters the quality of what you’re doing. I do think it’s good to just see what you’re doing and how you’re spending your time and if you’re happy with that then you’re doing well.



  • IMPROV SHOWS: I only counted shows that I was scheduled to perform
  • SCRIPTED SHOWS: This counts sketch, musical, and plays
  • AUDITIONS: These are improv, sketch, and commercial auditions that I was scheduled for ahead of time. This doesn’t include voice over auditions.
  • PAID: This includes video commercial work and voice over commercial work. This is really arbitrary because it just counts sessions and not real time spent, but I thought it was important so compare to how much non-paid work I’m doing.
  • VIDEO: Anytime I scheduled a video recording for some youtube thing.
  • CLASSES: Any workshop or class that I attended as a student.
  • COACHING: This is any coaching or teaching I did for an improv team or workshop.


  • In 2014 I did an improv show every 4.5 days and had a rehearsal every 3.4 days.
  • Does this count quality over quantity? No, not at all.
  • I should keep track of how often I write.
  • I really do a lot of work for very little pay and I’m completely fine with that. I don’t think a lot of people who first start understand that, but it has to be about doing what you love and not about money.
  • I need to really up my video output. I work as a video editor so I think that the idea of doing videos in my free time feels more like work than it once did.
  • I did zero podcasts last year and I really like podcasts. I’m going to start doing them.
  • After seeing this part of me wants to see how much money I spend on coaches, rehearsal space, and classes, but then again it just might make me sad.
  • Imagine if I spent all this time working out… I would be ripped.
  • None of this tracks hours spent so it doesn’t track into account how classes are typically 3 hours and a show is typically only an hour. It would be very difficult to keep track of complete time spent because sometimes an audition only take 5 minutes of your time and sometimes it take an hour.
  • These graphs really only show events. There are 349 total so basically one a day. So I think it would actually be better if it was represented by a pie chart.


  • Yeah, that’s a better representation of my time.
  • A very sad representation of my time.


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