Los Angeles Super Mario Map

I was born in Fountain Valley California and I spent a great deal of my childhood in Los Angeles, but never once took the Metro. This might have been the reason for my hesitancy to make a Los Angeles Super Mario map. Everyone just seems so obsessed with their own cars to worry about public transportation. I would get a few “Awesome map, but can you do Los Angeles next?” tweets and I would generally ignore them. But after making a San Francisco map those requests increased 10 fold. Then after doing some research and finding out that over 300,000 people use the LA Metro daily, I knew I was wrong. I had started working on a LA map shortly after finishing my New York Map, but stopped. I forgot how far I had gotten. After finishing San Francisco I opened my old Los Angeles file to find that I had already done all the hard work of mapping out the lines, the stops, the coast, and the key. So I decided to finish it. Below is a free print that fits on a standard 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper and a link to the two poster sizes. I hope you guys like it and yes I will be doing more cities.

SNES-LA small



LA 2

LA 1

LA 3

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