The Art of A Show Poster

Typically when it comes time to advertise your show someone in the cast has to make the poster or you enlist the help of a friend. Most of the time the cast doesn’t take this too seriously, because honestly who goes to a show because they have a cool poster? Personally I love making posters, but most of my work is accomplished with a good camera and basic photoshop skills (example below).


With most performers not having any graphic design experience the results that are okay at best, but there are some exceptions. Collin Dahlgren is responsible for most of those exceptions and he’s become well known for his work in the community. His illustrations are fun, colorful, exciting, and different. I thought it would be cool to share some of his work. (click to enlarge)



UncleMagic LAF_Katana DenverFish

What are some of your favorite show posters? Feel free to share them below.

You can see Collin performing with the i.O. Harold Team Denver, the independent team Switch Committee, and the Second City Training Center HouseCo.

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