5 Improvisors That Will Be Famous Soon


1. Will from my Second City class

Will is obviously the best guy in level D and we all know it. Remember when the teacher went out for a drink with us after class and Will sat RIGHT NEXT TO HIM!? Yeah, as if Will wasn’t already crushing it this happens. Don’t be surprised if he’s on Main Stage before level E shows.


2. Beth from iO class

At first I didn’t think Beth would be funny because she’s hot (and we all know how hard it is for hot girls to be funny), but she breaks the mold. Every week, when we do 3 line scenes, she always has the best opening line. One time she said, “Well officer I promise you I’m not high. I just purchased a pound of weed and put it in the back seat. If you weigh the weed you’ll see that it’s still exactly one pound.” What a perfect initiation, right?


3. That one guy from the Saturday @ 1:30pm Playground auditions

I think his name was Sean or Steve or something. Anyway, doesn’t matter because this guy is funny. I don’t know if he got a callback, but he should have and if I see him again I’m going to ask him to be on the two man independent team I want to start. Already have the name: “Not TJ & Dave”.


4. Jeremy

Okay, full discloser, Jeremy is my roommate, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s super funny. The guy is in level 5B’s at iO and I know for a fact he’s making important people laugh. During his last 5B show I watched Cesar the whole time and he laughed 4 times. That’s double the amount of anyone else in his class. If Jeremy can learn to start doing the dishes then he might become the best person ever.


5. Del Close
Okay I’m going to be honest I’ve never seen the guy, but everyone is always talking about him so he’s bound to make an iO Harold team or something. Time will tell.

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