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Downers Grove And DUI Arrests: The Numbers Don't Add Up

Downers Grove And DUI Arrests: The Numbers Don't Add Up
A recent, extensive Tribune investigation into municipal DUI prosecutions in DuPage discovered that defendants in Downers Grove are more likely to pay a fine – a hefty fine – and keep their license in a plea deal than if prosecuted by the county. According to the Tribune, The data show that towns charge far more... Read more »

Dear Hockey, I love you.

When I was young, there weren’t any hockey teams in the South, much less in Florida, where I grew up. (I’m not sure if there were any ice rinks in the South, for that matter.) There weren’t hockey games on the television; football is king in the South and the fall meant SEC rivalries, not... Read more »

Keith Matune for 81st?

I’ve lived in Downers Grove for 21 years, and I’ve watched community leaders come and go. Some have been good and some, well, not so much, and we’ve survived them all with our dignity and humor mostly intact. True, there’s always been a small group of residents who are more interested in spreading hate than... Read more »

The worst examples of corporate America screwing up on 9/11

The Bureau of Decency and Manners   September 11, 2013 To: Corporate America RE: Appropriate 9/11 Marketing   Dear Sirs, While we appreciate your desire to be part of the remembrance conversation on this day, we believe that you don’t seem to quite understand that terrible events in our nation’s history should not be commercialized... Read more »

Parenting Solo: A Father's Day list of thank yous

When I had my children, part of my parenting plan involved staying married to their father forever. That didn’t turn out to be the case. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how many revisions my initial plan has had over the years. Most women don’t want to have be single mothers. It’s not our... Read more »

Stacking the deck of the DuPage County Regional Board of Trustees: The DuPage Brief

In the movie The Pelican Brief, an oil tycoon has two Supreme Court Justices murdered in the hope that new justices will be appointed who are more friendly to his court case, which is currently winding its way through the appellate courts. While no one is getting bumped off here in DuPage County, the DuPage... Read more »

Romney Campaign Shenanigans: I'm Mad As Hell (And you should be, too.)

Romney Campaign Shenanigans: I'm Mad As Hell (And you should be, too.)
At 7:40am this morning, this sign was in front of the Walgreens on the corner of 63rd Street and Belmont Avenue in Downers Grove. I am no stranger to tough campaigns. I’ve run one, I’ve consulted on others. I consider myself to be idealistic, but not naive. But this sign…this threw me. It’s appalling. Disgusting.... Read more »

CPS Strike: Why it won't be over, even when it's over

With the news that the Chicago Public Schools and the striking Chicago Teacher’s Union may be close to an agreement, it’s important to note that even when the strike is over the issues raised will still be unresolved. We’ve been reminded (if we let it slip our minds for a moment) through the ongoing saga... Read more »

What's the best advice you ever received?

My eldest son is graduating from college this weekend, and for the last month I’ve been working on writing a note to put in with his graduation present. How do you squeeze over 22 years of advice and love into a couple of inches of white space? I wrote about this, and motherhood, for my... Read more »

Police: Conduct Unbecoming?

I consider myself to be a law-abiding citizen. (Speeding doesn’t count, does it?) I taught my boys to be respectful to the police and when they were little, we had talks about how the police are here to help you. For the most part, I still believe that. And I have friends who are in... Read more »