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Maureen Dowd ate pot and wrote about it in the New York Times. No, Really.

If you haven’t heard about Maureen Dowd’s Op-Ed for the New York Times about her recent pot experience, let me fill you in on the high points: Maureen goes to Colorado, gets a pot candy bar, eats the whole thing, has a bad trip, writes about the dangers of ingesting too much pot. Now, Ms.... Read more »

Scott Simon tweets of his mother's dying days a gift of grace, storytelling

Scott Simon, the Peabody Award-winning host of NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday, is a practiced and talented storyteller. For 36 years, he’s reported on events throughout the world, winning admirers from listeners and critics alike. Eight days ago, he began to share the story of his mother’s last days. Ensconced in the ICU of a Chicago... Read more »

NSA gains access to all phone, internet records. What does that mean?

In the past two days, we’ve learned that the government is reading our emails, checking our credit card statements, viewing our internet browsing history and making a record of every phone call we make. The spymasters at the National Security Agency (NSA) are trolling our Facebook pages, reading our tweets, watching our videos and Skype... Read more »

Rachel Shteir to Chicago: You blow. Windy City to Shteir: You suck

By now, most Chicagoans have heard (if not read) of DePaul professor Rachel Shteir‘s recent scathing criticism of Chicago in a book review she wrote for the New York Times. You can read the entire review here, but her ivory tower complaints about Chicago can be reduced to the more basic phrase: Chicago sucks. And... Read more »

Chicago Tribune to Boston Globe: Thanks, and the pizza is on us.

It’s tough to be a newspaper these days. Declining circulation, declining ad revenue, bankruptcies, online competition, disturbing suitors. In the middle of a huge, massive, constantly changing news story, the Boston Globe was a beacon in the journalistic night. When CNN and The New York Post (is that even really a newspaper?) were screwing up... Read more »

Worst People of 2012: A Top Ten List

In 2012, I tried to practice a more forgiving and peaceable existence than in years past. I tried to be understanding. Turned the other cheek. Let things roll off my back.Took deep breaths. Offered it up. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Surviving a presidential election season without screaming at every idiot person who tried to rationalize why... Read more »

Chicago Tribune Adds Paywall: What's Your Cheapest Option?

The Chicago Tribune announced today The free ride is over for online users of the Chicago Tribune. Starting November 1, it will charge $14.99 for digital access to premium content. According to the Tribune website, it will include: Exclusive Chicago Tribune journalism from our investigative and watchdog reporters and photographers. Opinions and reviews from the... Read more »