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Empty Nest Blues? Check.

My youngest son started his last semester of high school today. Barring disaster, he’ll graduate on May 31. It’s starting to sink in that the era of day-to-day parenting is coming to an end. For over 23 years, my life has been consumed with taking care of my children’s immediate needs, and in a few... Read more »

Violence Against Women Act Expires, Republicans Refuse to Reauthorize

Violence Against Women Act Expires, Republicans Refuse to Reauthorize
As the 112th Congress came to a close, wrapped up in the drama of the so-called fiscal cliff, it failed to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act. It was the first time Congress has failed to do so. The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) was enacted by Congress in 1994.  Among its many provisions were... Read more »

The Perfect Turkey Sandwich

You have leftover dinner rolls, don't you? Starting to get a little stale? Perfect. Stick one in the microwave for 10 seconds or toast it if you prefer.
What do you do with thanksgiving leftovers? Make a turkey sandwich? Turkey casserole? Turkey soup? When memories of your Thanksgiving turkey bliss is faded and you are sick of the same turkey leftover recipes, what do you do? After years of careful and conscientious research, I have the answer. In the spirit of the holiday,... Read more »

Separation Anxiety, Delayed Or, My son turned 21 today.

My middle son turns 21 today. Tomorrow I will go back to muttering about politics and politicians and asinine remarks. I’m sure I’ll scoff and sneer at stories coming out of the campaigns and write snarky tweets -maybe even a blog post!- and try to squeeze a full day’s work into an afternoon. It will... Read more »

Domestic Abuse, Reporter Objectivity, and Rainy Fridays

Reporters don’t live in a vacuum. We have lives, sometimes messy ones. We have likes and dislikes, biases and prejudice. As much as we try to be objective and fair, we are imperfect, and we sometimes slip here and there. Most reporters I know work hard be fair and balanced. Sometimes this takes the blunt... Read more »