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Feeding the poor. Or not.

I have never been a must-have-coffee-in-the-morning-before-I-kill-someone sort of person; my morning caffeine choice has always been diet coke. I prefer coffee in the late day; after a meal or for a sluggish 3pm pick-me-up. For some reason, however, I’ve slowly switched to wanting coffee when I wake up. I’ve taken to hitting McD’s drive-thru first... Read more »

Scott Simon tweets of his mother's dying days a gift of grace, storytelling

Scott Simon, the Peabody Award-winning host of NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday, is a practiced and talented storyteller. For 36 years, he’s reported on events throughout the world, winning admirers from listeners and critics alike. Eight days ago, he began to share the story of his mother’s last days. Ensconced in the ICU of a Chicago... Read more »

Parenting Solo: A Father's Day list of thank yous

When I had my children, part of my parenting plan involved staying married to their father forever. That didn’t turn out to be the case. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about how many revisions my initial plan has had over the years. Most women don’t want to have be single mothers. It’s not our... Read more »

7 tips for keeping your sports kid safe

Watching the Stanley Cup Finals on Wednesday night and seeing all the hits and trips and a player (Nathan Horton) heading off to the locker room due to an injury, I was reminded of when my second son wanted to play hockey and I had (quiet, restrained, internal) hysterics about his cute cherub face getting... Read more »

If I had 600 million dollars: Ten things to do when I win.

600 million dollars. That’s how much the Powerball lottery is worth as I write this, the evening before the winning numbers are announced. What would you do with 600 million dollars? Have you thought about it? I have. Now, the likelihood of winning the lottery is something like one in a gazillion trillion billion. I... Read more »

Book banning and censorship in Glen Ellyn school: A Mother's Day thank you

As I sat down to write a column about Mother’s Day, I noticed a news story about a nearby school district which recently banned “Perks Of Being A Wallflower” from its junior high school. In a 4-2 vote, school board members of Glen Ellyn School District 41 voted to reject a reconsideration committee’s recommendation to... Read more »

Is Plan B over the counter contraception for teenagers a good idea?

Today the FDA approved the emergency contraception Plan B One-Step without a prescription for women ages 15 and older. Plan B is a one time, one dose oral contraceptive that can prevent pregnancy if taken up to three days after unprotected sex. The pharmaceutical company Teva, maker of Plan B, originally applied for the drug... Read more »

The Greening of Chicago: Spring has sprung!

This week, the last week of April, is one of my favorite weeks of the year. I start counting down to it in October as the leaves fall and the world slowly turns from red and orange to brown and grey. By February, when snow covers the ground and it can be so cold it... Read more »

Despite what Chicagoans think, living in the suburbs won't kill you. Yet.

Despite what Chicagoans think, living in the suburbs won't kill you. Yet.
“I used to live in Chicago” an acquaintance once explained to me, as if having previously lived in Chicago she was exempt from the mundane details of cooperative suburban living. It was said with a thinly veiled tone of superiority implying that her former zip code conferred upon her some sort of special status. I... Read more »

Family calendars chronicle our lives

Family calendars chronicle our lives
I have a calendar on my kitchen wall that tells the story of my life better than any journal ever could. It is one of those Month-At-A-Glance paper behemoths, the kind you used to see on desk tops in offices, used for a blotter as much as a calendar. Just like the rolodex, it’s been... Read more »