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All politics is local, and in the 81st, local politics is nasty

In politics, nothing is sacred, not even- not especially- your voting record. True, only you know who you vote for in the privacy of the voting booth, but your voting history is public record. Which election you voted in and whether you pulled a Republican or Democrat ballot in a primary election is all recorded... Read more »

Keith Matune for 81st?

I’ve lived in Downers Grove for 21 years, and I’ve watched community leaders come and go. Some have been good and some, well, not so much, and we’ve survived them all with our dignity and humor mostly intact. True, there’s always been a small group of residents who are more interested in spreading hate than... Read more »

Stacking the deck of the DuPage County Regional Board of Trustees: The DuPage Brief

In the movie The Pelican Brief, an oil tycoon has two Supreme Court Justices murdered in the hope that new justices will be appointed who are more friendly to his court case, which is currently winding its way through the appellate courts. While no one is getting bumped off here in DuPage County, the DuPage... Read more »

All Politics Are Local, So Pay Attention

All Politics Are Local, So Pay Attention
Now that the national elections are over, it’s time to turn our attention to the races that really matter. Washington and Springfield can do their respective damnedest to screw up our checkbooks, but the decisions made in our local government bodies and school boards affect us far more than anything the major leaguers can dream... Read more »

Worst People of 2012: A Top Ten List

In 2012, I tried to practice a more forgiving and peaceable existence than in years past. I tried to be understanding. Turned the other cheek. Let things roll off my back.Took deep breaths. Offered it up. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Surviving a presidential election season without screaming at every idiot person who tried to rationalize why... Read more »

I Vote.

I Vote.
I wrote this two years ago. Still feel just as excited for this election as I did my first. Every other year, the days leading up to the first Tuesday in November are filled almost exclusively with election politics. From television pundits to internet hysteria to robocalls galore, we can’t get away from the craziness... Read more »

Election Night Drinking: What's The Perfect Political Cocktail?

Help me out, ChicagoNow readers. Tomorrow night is Election Night and in my home that means a night spent glued to the television and computer waiting on the returns. In presidential elections past, my children were young and any celebrating was done with sparkling apple juice. Now that they are all of voting age, I... Read more »

Pro Choice? Why Illinois Legislative Races Matter

If you’re pro-choice, chances are you’re voting for President Obama, as Republican challenger Mitt Romney has a long track record of being in favor of restricting access to abortion. There will likely be vacancies on the Supreme Court during the next four years, and a President Romney would probably nominate a pro choice candidate for... Read more »

Presidential Debate: Ten Foreign Policy Questions

Who knew the final presidential candidate debate, held just 15 days before the election, would have so much riding on it? Focusing on foreign policy, Monday’s debate may not swing many voters, but with polls showing President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney running neck and neck every undecided voter is a prize beyond measure. We... Read more »

Dear Hilary Rosen: What the hell were you thinking?

To: Hilary Rosen From: Lucy Lloyd Re: Ann Romney Hilary- What the hell were you thinking? You’re supposed to be some sort of political strategist, and you blew it. The Democratic party’s carefully built base of women voters has grown every time a Republican presidential candidate opened his (and briefly, her) mouth. All they’ve had... Read more »