The worst examples of corporate America screwing up on 9/11

The Bureau of Decency and Manners


September 11, 2013

To: Corporate America

RE: Appropriate 9/11 Marketing


Dear Sirs,

While we appreciate your desire to be part of the remembrance conversation on this day, we believe that you don’t seem to quite understand that terrible events in our nation’s history should not be commercialized for a significant period of time, if at all. Yes, there are veteran’s and memorial day sales, but we don’t rush to the store for buy one, get one promotions on December 7.

In this vein, and with a reminder that the events of 9/11 are still fresh and remain a daily part of the victims’ families’ lives, we would like to offer a few examples of what NOT to do next year on this date. (see below)


The Bureau of Decency and Manners (BDAM)


We don’t celebrate today. – BDAM


9/11 > (what would have been, if he was still alive) Bear Bryant’s Centennial birthday


No. No. No. No free muffins on 9/11, Marriott.



Story here.



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