Attorney General to investigate Village of Downers Grove for alleged FOIA, OMA violations

The Attorney General’s office has notified the Village of Downers Grove that it has “determined that further inquiry is warranted” on three Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and one Open Meetings Act (OMA) requests for review made by this blogger on August 19.  Assistant Attorney General Shari West will be leading the investigation to determine if the Village of Downers Grove violated Illinois FOIA rules when it failed to provide, at the least, a copy of an email that is the basis for the OMA violation investigation.

The morning after I posted this story, the FOIA Officer for the Village, April Holden, called to tell me the Village had “found” the missing email, and blamed the confusion on Google Search.

In the matter of the OMA request for review, AAG West has requested that the Council, or its representative “provide a written response to the allegations made…and explain the circumstances surrounding the comments made by the Commissioners in the attachments to the emails regarding draft suggestions to the modifications of the existing Fowl Ordinance.” You can find a link to a copy of the AAG’s letter to the Village at the end of this story.

The Council has 7 working days to respond to the Attorney General’s office requests.



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