Rachel Shteir to Chicago: You blow. Windy City to Shteir: You suck

By now, most Chicagoans have heard (if not read) of DePaul professor Rachel Shteir‘s recent scathing criticism of Chicago in a book review she wrote for the New York Times.

You can read the entire review here, but her ivory tower complaints about Chicago can be reduced to the more basic phrase: Chicago sucks.

And in return, the Windy City has shared its opinion of Ms. Shteir: You blow.

And it’s all over the media. The Atlantic, Crains, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Reader– everyone has something to say about this story.

Chicago Magazine managed to score a Q & A With Shteir and it shouldn’t surprise that her attitude seems to that Chicagoans complaining about her story proves her point.


We’re used to people trashing our city, our politics, our sports teams. So what? Let her have her little moment. She’s obviously a very unhappy woman. Can you imagine being forced to live for 13 years in a city you despise? Going to work every day for an institution that she obliquely slams in her review?

Not to mention, she’s now embedded herself in the pantheon of People Chicagoans Love To Hate.

Good luck with that.

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