Worst People of 2012: A Top Ten List

In 2012, I tried to practice a more forgiving and peaceable existence than in years past. I tried to be understanding. Turned the other cheek. Let things roll off my back.Took deep breaths. Offered it up.

Yadda, yadda, yadda.

Surviving a presidential election season without screaming at every idiot person who tried to rationalize why it was okay to sink to base and despicable personal attacks, sometimes using racially charged words, against ANYONE not of their own political party is proof that I was at least a little more zen than previous years.

But no matter my (perhaps feeble) attempts to take the high road, be objective and see both sides of an argument, there were individuals in 2012 who simply irritated me off beyond all attempts at civility.

In no particular order, here are the Top 10 People Who Pissed Me Off In 2012:

1. Karl Rove
On election night, Karl Rove exemplified everything I abhor. Nobody likes a sore loser. Humble in victory, gracious in defeat is something his mama obviously never taught him.

2. Paul Ryan
If your path to victory includes being a liar, than you need to rethink your campaign strategy. And your personal morals. Liar, liar, pants on fire. Ewww.

3. Gary Bettman
No NHL hockey for this hockey mom. I hate Bettman with a depth and breadth of my soul mere words cannot describe.

4. Gary Bettman
I’m really, really pissed at him for fracking it up. He gets on my list twice.

5. Wayne LaPierre
You know what you call over 31,000 deaths a year due to gun violence? An epidemic. What do you call the spokesman for an organization that keeps screaming for more assault weapons in the name of freedom? An asshole. Wayne, sometimes the best thing to do is shut up.

6. Westboro Baptist “Church”
I’ve had quite about enough of their abhorrent theatrics. Good thing they didn’t show up at my daddy’s funeral- a Navy veteran- in 2011. I’d be in jail right now.

7. Mass Shooters
Why do people now feel the need to take others with them when they self-destruct? Whatever happened to quietly offing yourself in despair? Something Needs To Be Done.

8. Donald Trump
I almost didn’t put him on this list, because he pisses me off that badly. As my younglings say, “What a tool.”

9. Joe Walsh
I’m sorry, did you just criticize an AMERICAN WAR VETERAN for BEING AN AMERICAN WAR VETERAN in an attempt to WIN A LOUSY CONGRESSIONAL RACE? Thank God he’s gone, and let’s pray he never returns. Also, that he pays his back child support in a timely manner. Asshole.

10. Rahm Emanuel
Dude. Teachers. TEACHERS. I get the part where you want to save money, but you tried to win by demonizing the teachers in the court of public opinion. You’re a Democrat; shame onĀ  you. Don’t lie about teachers. Don’t belittle teachers. Most importantly, get your shit together and stop being such a jackass.


11. The Chicago Tribune
Former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney told us that “Corporations are people too” so let’s just slide this one in, shall we? One word: Journatic. Your newsroom was pissed. Good reporters doing good stories, great community websites, and you pulled the plug to go cheap. Then you fired the company you hired to go cheap. Now you’re hiring reporters again to write the stories that the fired reporters wrote.

What a complete snafu- and a waste of all the years of effort good journalists put into rebuilding the suburban coverage of a once shining beacon of midwestern journalism. Shame on you.


Who are your worst people of 2012?


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  • I think you just about covered them all although John Boehner might be eligible!

  • fb_avatar

    I did consider Boehner, but Bettman took his spot.

  • fb_avatar

    List really hit the mark. I might trade out the 2nd Bettman spot for Ann Coulter and her "R word" tweets.

  • Worst person in the world? Donald Trump hands down...excellent list!

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    I might have to make a second list....Ann Coulter would definitely make it. Good call.

  • Smug and condescending liberals and progressives, such as the ones who make adds accusing Romeny of murder.

    President Obama, who is without a doubt, the most divisive person ever to hold the office who president, who strove to divide the country racially and by sex and by age.

    Those (again) smug liberals and progressives who decry mass killings, but have never set foot south of Chicago's Mason-Dixon line, but who write sanctimonious blogs from the safety of the nice neighborhoods and suburban enclaves and had "shots fired" interrupt their evening of the "Good Wife".

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    31000 deaths by guns. Over 9 million times people stopped criminals by use of firearms. 40% of the successful arrests made were by citizens with firearms. Of the near 1 million people stopped from initially purchasing firearms 99.8% were legally
    eligible to purchase firearms. Meaning background checks
    stopped less than 1% from purchasing firearms. Makes a difference when all the information us given instead of being one sided. As a journalist it is your duty to provide all the information but you instead chose provide only information that makes socialism look good.

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